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Full text of "The pedigree of Birkbeck of Mallerstang and Settle, Braithwaite of Kendal, Benson of Stang End"

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I Birkbeck of Mallerstang and Settle 
[ Braithwaite of Kenda. 
I Benson of Stang Enc: 


yrbe glory of children are their fathers." 

Stiiaca. ^tm Qortt 






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'r,l;ie pedigree of Birkbeck of Mallerstang 

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Birkbeck of Mallerstang and Settle 

Braithwaite of Kendal c^^^^qs) 

Benson of Stang End (^«^^io6) 









jIMPLE and faithful family memorials are gradually becoming more numerous 
in proportion as their utility and interest are becoming more fully recognized. 
As a mere family record such a book as this is intensely interesting to 
those whose circle of relatives far and near appear herein, and as the pages are 
turned over and over, so the names of those who are with us, and, the memory of 
those who were but lately with us, arouse, alas ! mingled feelings concerning life's 
ever -recurring curriculum. 

It is twenty years since my father compiled the first edition of this book and 
with his assistance I trust I - have been able to make this second edition acceptable 
to the various families. It may be desirable to state that every care has been 
taken to avoid error, more especially by submitting a proof to the head of each family 
for completion and correction. The additions have been so considerable as to make 
this edition loo pages larger than its predecessor, they include fuller accounts than have 
hitherto appeared of the families of Birkbeck, Darby, Dickinson, Jowitt, Lloyd, and of 


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Christmas^ 1 890. 

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Our Parliamentary Representatives since the Union, Arranged under Consti- 
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Biographical Index of the Members of Parliament, by Joseph Foster and T. J. Hercy, 
Esq. Illustrated with portraits from the Graphic aud Illustrated London News, price 
42s. Compiling. 

Sims' Index to Heralds' Visitations. In Progress. 

1582. — William Birkbeck holds an improvement at Blewgrass, Mallerstarig. 

1582. — ^John Birkbeck, son of Alexander, deceased, holdeth a tenement at BlewgraSs. 

John Birkbeck, of Mallerstang (yeoman), made his will ist August, 1619, proved 15th March, 1619.20, 

GEOFFREY BIRKBECK, of Mallerstang, in the parish of Kirkby Stephen, 
Westmorland: I ssabell, his wife, made her will on the nth and was buried at 
Kirkby Stephen on the 20th of September, 1670 ; they had 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) William Birkbeck, of whom presently. 

(2) James Birkbeck. 

(3) Jane Birkbeck, married at Kirkby Stephen, i6th June, 1656, to John Fothergill, and 
had a son, Jeffrey. 

cyy i ILLIAM BIRKBECK, of Deep Gill, in the forest of Mallerstange, yeoman, 
111 living there 1672, made his will 19th January, 1697-8, names his wife Issabell, 
^t, and was buried at Kirkby Stephen 12th August, 1698. By his first wife he had 

a son and 3 daughters : 

(1) Richard Birkbeck, of Mallerstang, living at Penrith 1720, baptized at Kirkby Stephen 
i8th October, 1663 ; married there, 28th February, 1687, Ruth Wall, of Mallerstang, and 
had 2 daughters : , [Penrith. 

(1) Jane Birkbeck, baptized 20th December, 1694 ; married to Daniel Ireland, of 

(2) Ruth Birkbeck, baptized 19th December, 1696, buried 8th March, 1698. 

(2) Isabell Birkbeck, baptized at Kirkby Stephen 19th July 1657; married there, 26th 
April, 1696, to John Shaw. 

(3) Agnes Birkbeck, baptized at Kirkby Stephen ist December, 1666 ; married there, 31st 
January, 1688-9, to Stephen Todd, 

(4) Margaret, married at Kirkby Stephen, loth November, 1696, to Christopher Millner 
William Birkbeck married 2ndly, at Kirkby Stephen, 21st May, 1677, Issabell Bell, of 
Hartley ; she was buried at Kirkby Stephen 7th November, 17 15, having had a son and 3 

daughters : 

(5) John Birkbeck, of the parish of St. Mary-at-Hill, London, a twin with Frances, 
living in 1738, when he wrote a letter to his nephew, William Birkbeck, junior, at Settle 
(see page 81); baptized at Kirkby Stephen 14th March, 1678 ; married at Appleby 22nd 
June, 1 70 1, Mary (living 1739), daughter of Robert Jackson, of Soulby, parish of Kirkby 
Stephen, and had 2 sons and a daughter : 

8o Birkbeck of Mailer stang and Settle. 

(1) John Birkbeck, buried at Peterborough Parish Church 28th September, 1738. 

(2) Jeoffrey Birkbeck, baptized 20th January, 1714 ; " at the point of death " 21st 

(3) Isabel], baptized 17th May, 1702. [October, 1738. 

(6) WILLIAM BIRKBECK, named in his father's will 1698 (see below). 

(7) Frances Birkbeck, a twin with John, baptized at Kirkby Stephen 14th March, 1678. 

(8) Isabell Birkbeck, baptized at Kirkby Stephen 3rd August, 1681. - [1685. 

(9) Agnes Birkbeck, baptized at Kirkby Stephen 3rd August, 1684 ; buried 28th January, 
«^yyILLIAM BIRKBECK, of Settle, Yorkshire, glover and fellmonger, named in 
I I I his father's will 1698, died 1751 viii.. 2, buried at Settle ; he married there 1703, 

L ix. II, Sarah, daughter of Richard Armitstead, vel Armistead, of Upper Settle. 
She was born 1684, iv. 17, and died 1749, ii. 7, having, had, 3 sons and 2 daughters: 

(1) William Birkbeck (see next page). 

(2) Richard Birkbeck, born 171 1, vii. 29, died at Settle, 1727, iv. 9. 

(3) John Birkbeck (see page 94). 

(4) Jane Birkbeck, born at Settle, 1709, vii. 3, died at Tottenham 1797, ix. 13, married at 
Settle, 1734, vii. 5 (as 2nd wife),* to Josiah Forster, of Coventry ,^ schoolmaster son of Josiah 
Forster, of Chester-le- Street, Co. Durham, who it is believed, was also a schoolmaster j 
he was son of Moses Foster, of Wylam-on-Tyne). He died at Tottenham 1763, i. i, aged 
70, having had — with others who died unmarried and in infancy — i son and 4 daughters : 

(1) William Forster, of Tottenham, schoolmaster, died 29th October, 1824, aged "j"]'^ 
having married at Kelvedon, 1781, ix. 4, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert and Mary 
Hayward, who died at Tottenham 17th September, 1837, aged 78, having had, with 7 
daughters, 4 sons, of whom (Josiah and William) : 

(1) Josiah Forster, born at Tottenham 1782, vii. 2, died at Tottenham 27th 
June, 1870, having married at Kendal, 6th July, 1808, Rachel, daughter of John 
and Sarah Wilson (see page 13). She was born 1783, vi. 7, and was living in 
1 87 1, having had an only daughter, who died in infancy. 

(2) William Forster, philanthropist, assisted his father in the Tottenham school for 
a very short time early in life, born at Tottenham 1784, iii. 23, and died at the 
house of Samuel Low, near the Holston River, East Tennessee, 27th January, 
1854, and was interred in the Friends Burying Ground at Friendsville, aged 70 ; 
having married at Shaftesbury, 3rd October, 18 16, Anna, daughter of Thomas 
Fowell Buxton and his wife, Anna Hanbury (see page 203), and had an only son : 

William Edward Forster, of Burley-in-Wharfedale, J.P. and D.L. for the 
West Riding, Yorkshire; M.P. for Bradford, 1861-85, and for Central 

* By his first marriage with Hannah Hands, of Coventry, he had a son, Josiah Foster, who had — ^with others 
who died unmarried — 2 daughters, viz., Hannah, married to Richard Fox, of Falmouth (who was grandfather to 
Joseph John Fox, and others), and Deborah, married to John Moline, whose granddaughter, Ann Moline, 
married to Edward Hornor (see page 88). 

Forster, Fairbanks &'c. 8i 

Division, 1885-6; Colonial Under-Secretary, 1865-6; Vice-President of the 
Committee of Council on Education, Privy Councillor, 1868 ; Chief Secretary 
for Ireland, 1880-2; born at Bradpole, Dorsetshire, nth July, 1818, died 
J./. 5th April, 1886; having married, 15th August, 1850, Jane Martha, eldest 
daughter of the Rev. Thomas Arnold, D.D., Head Master of Rugby School. 

(2) Mary Forster, married to William Fairbank, M.R.C.S.E., of Sheffield, grand- 
father to Josiah Forster Fairbank, whose son, Dr. Thomas Fairbank, Surgeon to the 
Royal Household, died at Windsor 26th February, 1880, leaving issue: 

(3) Priscilla Forster, married to Thomas Coar. 

(4) Jane Forster, married to John Elgar. 

(5) Tabitha Forster, married to John Bevans. 

(5) Sarah Birkbeck, born 1720, xii. 11, died 1728, x. 9. 

yryiLLIAM BIRKBECK, of Giggleswick, Settle, linen and woollen draper (eldest 
^J^ son of William and Sarah Birkbeck before mentioned), was born at Settle 
I. 1705, vi. 31, died 15th September, 1772, buried at Settle ; he married ist, at 
Stafford, 1730, iii. 5, Sarah, 2nd daughter of Richard Morris, of Rugeley, Co. Stafford, 
surgeon. She was born at Rugeley 1706, viii. 30, and died at Cockermouth 2nd March 
or May, 1 740, having had i son and 3 daughters : 

(1) Morris Birkbeck, of Wanborough, Guildford, Surrey, merchant, born at Settle 1734 
X. 4, died 4th April, 1816; buried at Guildford. He married ist, at Wray, Co. Lane. 
1762, vii. 9, Hannah Bradford, of Lancaster ; she died at Guildford, Surrey, 1764, i. 27, 
buried at Settle. He married 2ndly, at Ballytore, Co. Kildare, 22nd August, 1776, 
Sarah, daughter of David Hall, of Skipton, Yorks. ; she died s./>. 17th March, 1804, buried 
at Guildford. By his first wife he had an only son : 

Morris Birkbeck, of Wanborough, Surrey, yeoman, born 1764, i. 23, drowned 
in the Wabash River, U.S.A., in June, 1825 ; having married at Wandsworth, 23rd 
April, 1794, Prudence, daughter of Richard Bush, of Wandsworth, Surrey. She died 
25th October, 1804, aged 29 ; buried at Guildford, having had (with twins who died 
October, 1804, soon after birth) 4 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Richard Birkbeck, born at Wanborough 13th January, 1795 ; died 1839, having 
married, 1820, Anne Wood. She died about 1878, having had a son and daughter : 

(1) Morris, died unm. about 1861. (2) Prudence (Mrs. Ford), died s.p. 

(2) Morris Birkbeck, of Bradford, Yorks., born at Wanborough, Surrey, lOth 
February, 1799, died at Bradford ist September, 1862; having married at 
Hamburg, i8th February, 1837, Bertha, daughter of Christian Heinrich Engelland ; 
she was born at Hamburg, loth January, 18 11, and died at Shortlands, Kent, i8th 
November, 1882, having had 4 sons and 3 daughters, all born at Bradford: 

(1) Morris Birkbeck, C.E., P.W.D., Burma, born 22nd Nov., 1838 ; unmarried. ' 

(2) Charles Birkbeck, Lieut. R.E., born 2nd May, 1842 ; died 14th July, 1874. 


82 Birkbeck of Mallerstang and Settle. 

(3) Frederick Birkbeck, of the Bombay C. S., B.A. from Queen's College, Oxon, 
1867, born 2ist May, 1844, and died on the ss. Gwalior, between Bombay and 
Suez, 25th September, 1874. 

(4) Edward Birkbeck, of Santander, Spain, and sometime of Bradley, Bovey 
Tracy,' Devon, born 26th August, 1845; married loth March, 1884, Annie 
Caroline, 5th daughter of late John Milner Duffield, of Gibraltar, formerly of 
Medmenham, Norfolk, and has 2 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Morris Birkbeck, born at Bradley 5th December, 1886. 

(2) Edward Birkbeck, born 9th November, 1889. 

(3) Bertha Birkbeck, born at Gibraltar 22nd August, 1885. 

(4) Ruth Birkbeck, born April, 1888. 

(5) Katherine Birkbeck, born 14th August, 1840, died 14th May, 1879, having 
married loth August, 1864, to William Wilson Harris, of Bradford (son of 
Richard "Peckover Harris, of Ellesborough, Bucks); he died at Eastbourne i8th 
November, 1875, having had 2 sons and 2 daughters, all born at Bradford : 

(1) William Birkbeck Harris, born nth November, 1867. 

(2) Henry Harris, born 5th March, 1872, died loth February, 1873. 

(3) Katherine Mary Harris, born i6th July, 1865. 

(4) Margaret Harris, born 31st May, 1869, died 17th August, 1874. 

(6) Bertha Birkbeck, born 27th November, 1848, died September, 185 1. 

(7) Mary Birkbeck, born 7th June, 1850; married 28th August, 1879, as 2nd 
wife, to Bernard Francis Harris, of the Meadows, Betchworth, Surrey, and has 
3 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Alfred Richard Harris, born 27th November, 1881. 

(2) Thomas Birkbeck Harris, born i6th December, 1885. 

(3) Charles Frederick Harris, born 2nd January, 1887. 

(4) Edith Mary Harris, born loth October, 1880. 

(5) Bertha Jane Harris, born 2nd May, 1883. 

(6) Margaret Emily Harris, born i6th November, 1889. 

(3) Samuel Bradford Birkbeck, born at Wanborough i8th June, 1802, died at 
Rockhampton, Queensland, 5th June, 1867; having married at Zacatecas, 30th 
December, 1839, Damiana Valdes, a Spanish-Mexican; she was born at Zacatecas 
. ,2 7th September, 1825, and had 9 sons and a daughter, all born at Zacatecas, 

(1) Carlos Narciso Birkbeck, born 29th October, iR 40,. died unmarried at 
Rockhampton 30th April, 1883. 

(2) Enrique Feliciano Birkbeck, born 9th June, 1842, died 25th March, 1843. 

(3) Alfredo Eluterio Birkbeck, born 20th February, 1844. 

(4) Robert Epifanio Birkbeck, born 7th April, 1846; married, at Rockhampton, 
Frances, and has (1888) 2 sons and a daughter. 

Pell— Hanks— Newall, ^c. 83 

(5) Henry Angel Birkbeck, born 2nd August, 1850, died unmarried at 
Coonamble, N.S.W., 13th July, 1882. 

(6) .Samuel Bradford Birkbeek, born i6th August, 1852, living 1888. 

(7) Morris Jerome Birkbeck, born 30th September, 1854, died unmarried at 
Rockhampton ist January, 1884. 

(8) Arthur Damian Birkbeck, born 27th September, 1856 ; married at 
Rockhampton 7th February, 1882, Grace Kilgour, and has issue. 

(9) George Lucio Birkbeck, born 13th December, 1858, living 1888. 

(10) Maria C. Elena de la Trinidad Birkbeck, born 6th March, 1848 ; married 
at Sydney, N.S.W., 1872, W. Knox D'Arcy, and has issue. 

(4) Charles Birkbeck, born at Wanborough ist October, 1803, died about 1867, 
s.p ; having married Josefita Valenruela — a Spanish-Mexican. [19th May, 1814. 

(5) Hannah Birkbeck, born at Wanborough 9th March, 1796, died there unmarried. 

(6) Eliza Birkbeck, born at Wanborough 27th July, 1 797, died in 1880 ; having married 
at Illinois, in 1822, to Grilbert Titus Pell? and had with several other children, Emily, 
who died unmarried, Maria, who married to Charles Carter, and a son : 

Morris Birkbeck Pell, Fellow of St. John's College, .Cambridge, Senior 
Wrangler, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Sydney University, 
1852-77, and a Fellow of the Senate, Actuary of the Australian Mutual Provident 
Society, a Barrister of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, 1863, and a 
Trustee of the Sydney Grammar School; born at Illinois 31st March, 1827, 
died 7th May, 1879; having married at Plymouth, Devon, in 1852, Julia Rusden, 
and had (with 5 others) 2 sons and a daughter: 
(1) Morris Birkbeck Pell. (2) Reginald Pell. 
(3) Edith Pell, born at Sydney, N.S.W., loth April, 1855. 

(7) Prudence Birkbeck, born at Wanborough 9th October, 1800, died at Zacatecas, in 
Mexico, 3rd August, 1833; having married at Illinois, U. S. America, in 1823, to 
Francis Hanks, and had 3 daughters : 

(1) Caroline Josepha Hanks, born at Illinois 28th November, 1823, died 

1887; having married at Brownsville, U.S.A., 4th May, 1850, to William, son 
of Thomas Newall, and his wife, Jessie Brackenridge. He was born in Scotland 
in July, 18 13, and has 2 sons and 2 daughters, all born at Zacatecas: 

(1) William James Newall, born 20th February, 1851. 

(2) Samuel Birkbeck Newall, born 15th September, 1852. 

(3) Bessie Newall, born 26th May, 1856. 

(4) Caroline Jessie Newall, born 27th July, 1858. 

(2) Lucy Isabel Hanks, born at Illinois 12th January, 1825 ; unmarried. 

(3) Clara Prudence Hanks, born at Illinois 12th January, 1828; married at 
Sydney, N. S. W., 25th July, 1854, as 2nd wife, to Colonel Archibald Impey- 

8 4 Impey'Lavibond — Hustler . 

Lovibond, of Newhall, Ardleigh, Essex, J. P.; Lieut-Col. (Bengal) R.E., retired; 
served in Indian Mutiny and in "Sikkim expedition, i860; assumed additional 
name of Lovibond by Royal Licence, 1872 (son of Ed ward and Julia Impey); and 
has a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Archibald Edmund Impey- Lovibond, born at Bath, Somersetshire, 
27th June, 1861. 

(2) Bessie Clara Impey- Lovibond, born in India ist May, 1855 ; married 
1874, to Major Samuel Masters Gully, 9th Regiment, retired, and has a son 
and 3 daughters. [15th May, 1866, 

(3) Mabel Annie Impey-Lovibond, born at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 

(2) Priscilla Birkbeck, born 1731, ii. 15, died at Settle 1731, x. 22*. 

(3) Sarah Birkbeck, born 1732-3, xii. 16; married at Settle, 1764, v. 3, to John Fell, 
(son of Stephen and Margaret Fell, of Ulverston) ; he died 7th June, 1803, aged 79, having 
had a son and 2 daughters. 

(1) William Fell, born 1766, viii. 14, and died 1787, v. 23. 

(2) Margaret Fell, born 1765, ii, 21. 

(3) Jane Fell, born at Ulverston, 1768, iii. 3; married at Height, 1796, vii. 27, to 
William, son of John and Christiana Hustler. He died at Bradford 6th April, 1802, 
aged 35, having had 2 sons and a daughter: 

(1) John Hustler, born at Bradford 1797, v. 17, died at Rosemervyn, Budock, 
Cornwall, 5th December, i86i,aged64; married at Paddock, near Hudders- 
field, 30th August, 1 82 1, Phoebe Travel Fuller, daughter of Travel and 
Phcebe Fuller, of Great Yarmouth; she died at Falmouth 29th March, 1855, 
having had i son and 3 daughters : 

(1) William Hustler, born 29th May, 1822, died about 1870; married 
Emma, daughter of Lean, of Truro, Cornwall ; (she re-married), 
and left a daughter, Maud. 

(2) Sarah Jane Hustler, born 23rd April, 1829, died. 

(3) Phcebe Elizabeth Gray Hustler, born 15th October, 1835, died atOrrel 
Mount, CO. Lane, 17th July, 1846. 

(4) Christiana Hustler, died 1888. 

(2) William Fell Hustler, born at Bradford, 1798-9, xii. 16. 

(3) Sarah Hustler, born at Bradford, 8th August, 1800. 

(4) Esther Birkbeck, born 1737, vi. 22, and died at Settle 1741, v. 5. 
WILLIAM BIRKBECK, of Giggleswick, Settle, linen and woollen draper (eldest son of 
William and Sarah, seepage 81), died 15th September, 1772, aged 67^ having married 
2ndly, at Kendal, 1744, iii, 2, Deborah, daughter ol John and Deborah Wilson (see page 
21); she was born 1722, iv. 7, and died at Settle 14th May. 1781, having had 7 sons 
and I daughter, 

Birkbeck of Mailer stang and Settle. 85 

(5) William Birkbeck (see below). 

(6) John Birkbeck (see page 89). 

(7) Thomas Birkbeck, born at Settle 1748, i. 7, died 1752, i. 21. 

(8) Richard Birkbeck, born at Settle 1750, xii. 26, and died at Low Bentham 1771, ix. 3, 
buried at Copp. 

(9) James Birkbeck, born at Settle 1752, iii. 8, and died there 14th January, 1753. 

(10) Thomas Birkbeck, born at Settle 1753, ix. 8, and died 1759, viii. 11. 

(11) James Birkbeck, born at Settle 1755, ix. 29, and died 1763, iv. 8. 

(12) Deborah Birkbeck, born at Settle 1756, xii. 9., buried at Plymouth 15th Feb., 1821. 
CnrriLLIAM birkbeck, of settle, merchant (mentioned above), born at Settle, 
11 I 1745, X. 18, died there 24th November, 1805; having married at Kendal, ist 

L July, 1 77 1, Sarah, only surviving daughter of George Braithwaite and his wife 
Alice Foster (see page 99). She was born at Kendal i6th May, 1750, and died at 
Settle ist June, 1790, having had 4 sons and a daughter : 

(1) William Birkbeck, of Settle, a Justice of the Peace for the West Riding of Yorkshire, 
born at Settle loth April, 1772, died at Linton, near Skipton, 7th January, 1838, aged 
66; having married, at Park End, in Preston Patrick, Kendal, 14th September, 1796, 
Rachel, youngest daughter of Nathan Gough (see page 5). She was born at Kendal 29th 
Jan., 1770, and died at Burnley 20th May, 1846, aged 76, having had 2 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) William Birkbeck, born at Settle 2nd September, 1803, and died at Southgate 
14th September, 18 14. 

(2) Thomas Birkbeck, of Settle, banker, a justice of the peace for the West Riding of 
Yorkshire and for Lancashire, born at Settle 7th November, 1808, and died at 
Taunton 26th February, 1863, having married at Giggleswick, near Settle, ist July, 
1840, Anne, daughter of Rev. John Carr, vicar of Brantingham, Co. Durham, fellow 
Trin.' Coll. Camb., mathematical professor in Durham University. She was born at 
Durham 24th October, 1820, and died 28th February, 1875, having had a son and 3 

daughters : 

(1) William John Birkbeck, B.A. fr. Exeter College, Oxford, 1869, M.A. 1877; 
Vicar of Milborne Port, Dorset, 1883, and of Southwick, Hants, 1876-83 ; born at 
Stackhouse, near Settle, 24th June, 1846. 

(2) Rachel Susannah Birkbeck, born at Stackhouse 20th July, 1844; married at 
Taunton 22nd June, 1865, to the Rev. Richard Addison (2nd son of William 
Thomas 'Addison, by his wife, Eliza Walker), Chaplain at Madeira, 1877, and 
at Pernambuco, 1865-77, &c. He was born at Aldborough Hatch, Essex, 6th 
March, 1832, and has 3 daughters : 

(1) Mary Rachel Addison, born at Pernambuco nth May, 1866. 

(2) Edith Addison, born at Pernambuco 26th December, 1868. 

(3) Katharine Addison, born at Taunton 30th October, 1870. 

86 Badcock — Stans/eld of Field House. 

(3) Rosetta Anne Birkbeck, born at Settle 4th January, 1848 ; and married, 5th 
September, 1872, to Isaac Badcock, Barrister-at-law of Middle Temple, 
1867, and M.A. fr. Trinity College, Oxford, and has had a son and 4 daughters, 
all born in London : 

(1) Laurence Henry Badcock, born 30th July, 1873. 

(2) Annie Carr Badqock, born 28th April, 1875. 

(3) Elinor Rose Badcock, born 22nd August, 1877, and died 9th March, 

(4) Esther Georgina Badcock, born 27th December, 1878. 

(5) Cicely Badcock, born ist March, 1881. 

(4) Emmeline Carr Birkbeck, born at Sidmouth 8th June, 185 1. 

(3) Susannah Birkbeck, married at Settle, 3rd July, 1822, to Edward William, son 
of John and Mary Wakefield (see page 207"). 

(4) Sarah Birkbeck, born at Settle 29th June, 1806, and died at Ashfield, Settle, i8th 
July, 1869, having married at Settle, 3rd July, 1834, to George Stansfeld, of Settle, 
B.A. (15th Wrangler) fr. Trin. Coll., Camb., 1826, M.A. 1829, Barrister-at-law, 
Line. Inn, 1829, J. P. Yorkshire West Riding and J. P. Co. Lane, a partner in the 
Craven Bank (eldest son of Robert Stansfeld, of Field House, Sowerby, near Halifax). 
He died at Ashfield, Settle, 3rd March, 1869, having had 4 sons and 3 
daughters : 

(1) George Stansfeld, of Field House, in Halifax, J. P. Yorks. West Riding, 
Hon. Col. and late Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding 4th Battalion Duke of 
Wellington's West Riding Regiment; born at Halifax 15th June, 1836 ; married 
at Hornby, near Lancaster, 5th March, 1867, Hannah, 4th daughter of John 
Foster, of Hornby Castle, near Lancaster, and has had a son and 2 daughters :. 

(1) George Reginald Stansfeld, born at Keighley 19th August, 1870. 

(2) Mabel Stansfeld, born at Keighley 8th February, 1868. [1872. 

(3) Bertha Rosamond Stansfeld, born 27th February, and died 8th Oct., 

(2) Harold Eugene Stansfeld, B.A. fr. Trin. Coll., Camb., 1866, Barrister-at-law, 
Lincoln's Inn, 1870; born at Burnley 5th December, 1843. 

(3) Kenneth Adrian Stansfeld, born at Burnley nth October, 1845, died 
unmarried 24th March, 188 1. 

(4) Berthold Robert Stansfeld, B.A. fr. Corpus Christi Coll., Camb., 1872, M.A. 
1875, Barrister-at-law, Inner Temple, 1877; born at Burnley 22nd April, 1849; 
married, 19th October, 1881, Ada Marion, 2nd daughter of James Hodson, of 
Manningham, Yorks., and has a daughter, Elizabeth Maryons Stansfeld, 

(5) Elizabeth Stansfeld, born at Halifax nth November, 1837. 

(6) Rachel Wilhelmina Stansfeld, married 3rd October, 1867, to John Birkbeck 
of Anley, Settle (see page 95). 

Birkbeck, Master of Downing. 87 

(7) Sarah Georgina Stansfeld, born at Settle i8th October, 1841 ; married at 
Settle, 25th April, 1865, to Charles Henry Charlesworth, of Marshfield, Settle 
(only son of Thomas Charlesworth, of Leeds); he was born at Headingley, 
near Leeds, 22nd February, 1833, and has 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Thomas Beedham Charlesworth, born at Stackhouse, near Settle, 24th 
May, 1866. 

(2) Charles Percy Charlesworth, born at Stackhouse 24th May, 1866. 

(3) George Kenneth Charlesworth, born at Stackhouse 2nd June, 1868. 

(4) Mary Charlesworth, born at Marshfield, near Settle, 2nd June, 1870. 

(5) Bertha Birkbeck Charlesworth, born at Ashfield, Settle, i8th July, 

(5) Elizabeth Birkbeck, born at Settle 5th April, 181 1, and died 7th July, 

(2) George Birkbeck, M.D. (the originator, in conjunction with the late Lord Brougham, 

of Mechanics' Institutes), son of William and Sarah Birkbeck (see page 85), born at Settle 

loth January, 1776, died in London ist December, 1841, having married ist, at Berdswell 

North Warwickshire, 15th May, 1806, Catherine, daughter of Sampson and Rachel 

Lloyd (see page 193); she died at Finsbury Square 12th March, 1807, leaving an only 


(1) William Lloyd Birkbeck, Fellow Trin. Coll., Camb., M.A. 1833, Barrister-at-law 
of the Inner Temple, 1833 ; Q.C. 1886 ; Reader in Equity to the Council of Legal 
Education, London, 1854-73; President of the BirkbeCk Literary and Scientific Insti- 
tution, London; Examiner in Civil Law, Camb., 1873-4, Downing Professor of the 
Laws of England in Cambridge University, 1860-85, and Master of Downing Coll ., 
1885-8 ; was born at 4, Finsbury Square, 27th March, 1807, died 24th May, 

(2) George Birkbeck, M.D., married 2ndly, at Hampstead Parish Church, 9th July, 
18 1 7, Anna Margaret, youngest daughter of Henry Gardner, of Liverpool, merchant; 
she died 2nd July, 1875, aged 83, having had 3 sons and 3 daughters. 

(2) George Henry Birkbeck, of London, civil engineer, C.M.I.C.E., M.S.A., 
F.Z.S. born in London 19th January, 1820; married at St. Mary's Church, Watling, 
Street City, 6th May, 1856, Margaret Jane Jackson, step-daughter of James 
Braidwood, Siiperintendent of the London Fire Brigade; she died 3rd June, 1883, 
having had 8 sons and a daughter : 

(1) George Birkbeck, of Swansea, ironmaster, born in London 5th April, 1857. 

(2) James Braidwood Birkbeck, of London, solicitor, born at Henley-on-Thames 
14th September, 1858. 

(3) Thomas Brougham Birkbeck, of Liverpool, merchant, born in London 3rd 
May, i860. 

88 Birkbeck of Mailer stang and Settle. 

(4) Henry Birkbeck, of London, patent agent, born in London loth Feb., 1862. 

(5) Arthur Birkbeck, of Wolverhampton, born in London 20th May, 1864. 

(6) Frank Birkbeck, of Swansea, born at Roekferry 30th November, 1867. 

(7) William Lloyd Birkbeck, born at Roekferry 24th January, 1871, died 8th 
May following. 

(8) Albert Ernest Gardner Birkbeck, born at Roekferry loth February, 1872. 

(9) Anna Margaret Birkbeck, born at Roekferry 8th March, 1866. 

Mr. George Henry Birkbeck married 2ndly, at Woolwich 13th January, 1887, 
Martha, daughter of Thomas Russell, of Sleaford Co. Line, and has a daughter. 

(10) Grace Mary Birkbeck, born in London i8th November, 1887. [1824. 

(3) Charles Birkbeck, born in London 6th December, 1822, died young 6th August, 

(4) Thomas Brougham Birkbeck, born in London loth June, 1828, died 13th 
January, 1859. 

(5) Anna Margaret Birkbeck, born in London 5th May, 18 18, and died there 15th 
March, 1863, s.p., having married in June, 1856, to Lieut.-Col. Mednyanzsky. 

(6) A daughter not named. 

(7) Frances Georgina Birkbeck, born in London 3rd June, 1826, died 25th 
December, 1858. 

(3) Isaac Birkbeck, born at Settle 6th March, 1779, and died there 7th March, 1783. 

(4) Foster Birkbeck, born at Settle 6th September, 1783, and died there 27th April, 1787. 

(5) Alice Birkbeck (only daughter of William and Sarah Birkbeck, see page 85), born at 
Settle loth January, 1774, died at Halstead, Essex, 25th June, 1850; having married at 
Settle, r6th October, 1805, to Benjamin Hornor, of York (son of Edward Hornor and 
Jane Empson, his wife.) He was born 5th August, 1771, and died at Fulford Grange, 
York, 25th March, 1836, having had 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Edward Hornor, of " The Howe," Halstead, Essex, J. P., born at York 3rd June, 
181 1, died i6th June, 1868; having married at Uxbridge, 24th August, 1842, Anne, 
daughter of Robert Moline (son of John Moline, by his wife Deborah Forster, grand- 
daughter of Josiah Forster, mentioned on page 80, but by his first marriage with 
Hannah Hands, of Coventry) and Elizabeth Gorham, his wife. She was born in 
London, 12th January, 182 1, and has had 4 sons and 4 daughters: 

(1) Francis Birkbeck Hornor, born at Iver, Bucks, 2nd July, 1843, and died in 
London i6th October, i860. 

(2) Lewis Hornor, of The Howe, Halstead, J.P., born at Rome 5th March, 1845 ) 
married i6th October, 1888, Catherine B. Parks, of Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 

(3) Allan Moline Hornor, born at Halstead loth January, 1848 ; married 4th 
June, 1873, Caroline C. Macnair, and has a son and daughter : 

(1) George Edward Hornor, born 5th March, 1876. 

(2) Ethel Caroline Hornor, born loth June, 1874. 

Birkbeck of Stoke Holy Cross. 89 

(4) Charles Ernest Hornor, born at Halstead 28th December, 1849. 

(5) Alice Hornor, born at Halstead loth September, 1846; married there 9th 
November, 1865, to John Robert Vaizey, Esq., J. P. (son of John Vaizey and 
Ann Bousfield, his wife), of Attwoods, Halstead, Essex, J. P., D.L., Sheriff 1877, 
B.A. London University 1859, LL.M. from Trin. Coll., Camb., 1867, Barrister- 
at-law. Inner Temple, 1863, late Major 2nd Essex Volunteers, and has 3 sons 
and a daughter : 

(1) Robert Edward Vaizey, B.A. from Trin. Coll., Camb., 1890, born at 
Halstead 15th July, 1868. 

(2) Francis Arthur Vaizey, born at Halstead 19th May, 1870. 

(3) John Leonard Vaizey, born at Halstead 2nd August, 1871. 

(4) Alice Lilian Vaizey, born at Halstead 7th September. 1874. 

(6) Edith Anne Hornor, born at Halstead 3rd November, 185 1 ; married 15th 
November, 1887, to General Hawley, of Hartford, Conn., U.S. A, Senator for 
Conn., and has a daughter : 

Alice Marian Hawley, born ist December, 1888. 

(7) Florence Hornor, born at Halstead 24th October, 1853. 

(8) Beatrice Hornor, born at Pau, in France, 26th August, 1857. ' 

(2) Charles Birkbeck Hornor, born at York 8th February, 18 17, died unmarried 
31st October, 1858. 

(3) Sarah Jane Hornor, born at York 9th September, 1808, and died 30th April 

JOHN BIRKBECK, of King's Lynn, Norfolk, banker (son of William and Deborah 
Birkbeck, seepage 84), born at Settle 1747, viii. 9, and died at Upton, Essex, 
19th June, 1808; he niarried at Lammas, Norfolk, 1780, viii. 2, Martha, daughter 
of Henry Gurney, and co-heir of her brother, Bartlett Gurney. She was born at Norwich 
1751, ix. 21, and died at Lynn Regis i8th December, 1822, aged 71, having had a son and a 
daughter (a). 

(la) Henry Birkbeck, of Keswick Old Hall, Norfolk, banker, born at Lynn Regis 1787, 
viii. 2, died at Keswick, Norfolk, 25th December, 1848^ aged 62; having married ist, at 
Wymondham, Norfolk, 8th March, 1820, Jane, 2nd surviving daughter of Joseph Gurney, 
of the Grove, parish of Lakenham, Norfolk. She was born at Norwich 1789, iii. 23, and 
died 20th February, 182 1, aged 31, leaving an only son (b) : 

(lb) Henry Birkbeck, of Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk, J. P., High Sheriff i860 
Sheriff of Norwich 1854, and banker; born at Lakenham loth February, 182 1 ; married 
25th October, 1849, Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Anthony Hamond, Esq., of 
Westacre, Norfolk (and his wife, Mary Anne Musters), J. P., D.L., High Sheriff, 


90 Birkbeck of Thorpe High House. 

1836. She died ist May, 1862, having had 3 sons and 3 daughters, all born at Stoke 
Holy Cross : 

(1) Henry Birkbeck, of Keswick Old Hall, Norfolk, banker, born 12th May, 
1853 ; married 24th February, 1881, Ysabel Caroline, 4th daughter of late 
Robert Elwes, Esq., of Congham House^ Norfolk, J.t*., D.L., and has 3 sons 
and 3 daughters : 

(1) Henry Anthony, born at Bixley, near Norwich, 29th January, 1885. 

(2) Gervase William, born at Bixley 20th April, 1886. 

(3) Christopher Robert Birkbeck, born at Keswick 26th January, 1889. 

(4) Gillian Mary, born at Bixley 25th October, 1882. 

(5) Judith, born at Bixley 12th July, 1887. 

(6) Ysabel, born at Keswick loth June, 1890. 

(2) William Redmond Birkbeck, born 27th October, 1856, died young, 31st 
January, 1870. 

(3) Edward Lewis Birkbeck, banker, born i6th June, i860. 

(4) Mary Anne Birkbeck, born 19th August, 1851 ; married 7th June, 1886, 
as 2nd wife, to Samuel Gurney Buxton, Esq., of Catton Hall, Norfolk, banker, 
and has a son and daughter : 

(1) Richard Gurney, born 6th May, 1887. 

(2) Minna Alice Gurney, born 22nd March, 1889. f 

(5) Alice Jane Birkbeck, born 4th September, 1854. 

(6) Katherine Emily Birkbeck, born i8th December, 1857. 

(lb) Henry Birkbeck of Stoke Holy Cross, married 2ndly, 26th SeptemWr, 1871, 
Etheldreda Isabella Browne, daughter of Martin William Browne Ffolkes, Esq., of 
Hillington Hall, Norfolk (Bart.), and has 2 sons and a daughter, all born at Stoke 
Holy Cross : 

(7) Martin, born loth November, 1873. 

(8) Geoffrey, born 12 th October, 1875. 

(9) Margaret, born 29th May, 1877. 

( la ) Henry Birkbeck of Keswick Old Hall (eldest son of John, above named), married 
2 ndly, at Westminster, 31st July, 1823, Elizabeth Lucy, youngest daughter of Robert 
Barclay, of Clapham, Surrey, an'ti of Lombard Street, banker. She died 7th December, 
1874, having had 4 sons and 4 daughters (b). 

(2b) John Birkbeck, born 4th January, 1827, died at Keswick 21st March, 1845. 
(3b) William Birkbeck, of Thorpe High House, Norwich, J. P., born 3rd August, 
1832; married ist, i6th February, 1858, Elizabeth Margaret, 2nd daughter of 
Albemarle Cator, of Woodbastwick Hall, Norfolk, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff 1868. 
She died 2nd March, 1859, leaving an only son : (c) 

(Ic ) William John Birkbeck, B.A. fr. Magd. College, Oxon., 1881, M.A. 1884, 

Birkheck of Hor stead Hall. 91 

born 13th February, 1859; married 4th October, 1883, Rose Catherine, eldest 
daughter of Somerville Arthur Gurney, of North Runcton Hall, Norfolk, J. P., 
and has a son and daughter : 

(1) Benedict, born 21st March, 1886. 

(2) Elizabeth, born 12th April, 1887. 

(3b) William Birkbeck married 2ndly, 14th October, 1862, Susan, daughter of 
Anthony Hamond, Esq., of Westacre, High House, County Norfolk, (and his 
wife Mary Anne Musters), and has an only daughter: 

(2c) Susan Elizabeth Antonia Birkbeck, born 27th May, 1865. 
(4b) Robert Birkbeck, of 20, Berkeley Square, W., born loth October, 1836; married, 
8th December, 1857, Mary Harriet, daughter of Sir John William Lubbock, Bart., 
D.C.L., F.R.S., High Sheriff, Kent, 1852, 2nd President of the London County 
Council, 1890, ist Vice-President 1882-90, M.P. Maidstone 1870-80, and London 
University since 1885. No issue. 

(5b) Sir Edward Birkbeck, of Horstead Hall, Norfolk, J. P., D.L., Baronet, so created 
9th March, 1886 : M.P. North Norfolk 1879-85, Eastern Division since 1885 ; a Public 
Works Loan Commissioner, Chairman Royal National Lifeboat Institution, originator 
of the International Fisheries Exhibition, 1883 ; born nth October, 1838; married 
1 8th April, 1865, the Hon. Mary Augusta J olliffe, daughter of Sir William George 
Hylton Jolliffe, now Lord Hylton. 

(6b) Jane Birkbeck, born 14th May, 1828 ; died 24th November, 1888, having 
married at Tasburgh 14th December, 1847, to Henry Edmund Gurney, of Nutwood, 
Reigate (son of Samuel and Elizabeth Gurney, of Upton, Essex). He was born 
25th September, 182 1, and has a son and 7 daughters : 

(1) Henry Gurney, born at Norwich i6th November, 1850. 

(2) Elizabeth Lucy Gurney, born at Overstrand, Norfolk, 6th June, 1849 ; 
married to Godfrey Bedford, of Walderton, Emsworth. 

(3) Margaret Jane Gurney, born at Upton 22nd March, 1852 ; married 25th 
October, 1876, to John Henry Gurney, of Keswick Hall, Norwich (see page 93), 
and has a son and 3 daughters : 

(1) Gerard Hudson Gurney, born 29th April, 1880. 

(2) Agatha, born 9th September, 1881. 

(3) Cecily Jane, born 5th March, 1884. 

(4) Margaret Editha, born 23rd April, 1885. 

(4) Emma Georgina Gurney, born at Upton, Essex,^ 17th November, 1854, 
married 23rd February, 188 1, to Edmund Paul Larken, B.A. fr. Trinity 
College, Cambridge, 1875, Rector of Gatton, 1878 (son of late Metcalfe Larken), 
and has 2 sons and a daughter : 

9 2 Larken — Paul — Rice — Bunsen. 

(1) Paul Metcalfe Larken, born 24th May, 1882. 

(2) Edmund Gurney Larken, born 3rd February, 1887. 

(3) Magdalen Emma Larken, born 13th Sep., and died in November, 1883. 

(5) Richenda Juliet Gurney, born at Nutfield, Surrey, ist March, 1856; married, 
1 6th June, 1880, to William Joshua, son of Sir Robert Joshua Paul, Bart., and 
has 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Robert Joshua Paul, born 6th June, 1883. 

(2) William Edmund Jeffrey, born 23rd September, 1885. 

(3) Ellen Juliet Anne, born 27th September, 1881. 

(6) Mary Margaret Gurney, born at Nutfield nth August, 1859. 

(7) Marian Gurney, born at Nutfield 23rd November, 1862 ; married 

1887, to Rev. and Hon. William Talbot Rice, vicar of All Saints', Woolwich 
(youngest son of Francis William, 5th Baron Dinevor), and has had a son and 
daughter : 

(1) Francis Edmund Talbot Rice, born 30th December, 1889, and died 
2nd February, 1890, 

(2) Winifred Marian, born 21st September, 1888. 

(8) Harriette Louisa Gurney, born at Nutfield 3rd November, 1864. 

(7b) Emma Birkbeck, born 5th December, 1829; married, 21st December, 1854, to 
George, 4th son of Christian Charles Josias, Baron Bunsen (Minister at the Court of 
St. James's 1841-54), and has had" 5 sons and 6 daughters : 

(1) Carl Bunsen, born 24th December, 1856, died unmarried 28th March, 

(2) Lothar Bunsen, born 31st October, 1858; married 6th January, 1887, 
Mary, daughter of Sir Alexander Kinloch, of Gilmerton, co. Edinburgh, 

(3) Arnold Bunsen, born 1864, died August, 1866. 

(4) Hildegard Bunsen, born loth August, 1869. 

(5) Waldemar Bunsen, born nth June, 1872. 

(6) Ella Bunsen, born October, 1855, died February, 1859. 

(7) Marie Bunsen, born i6th January, i860. 

(8) Ida Bunsen, born 15th April, 1861, died 2nd July, 1881. 

(9) Berta Bunsen, born 15th August, 1862 ; married, 3rd August, 1889, to 
E. F. Henderson, of Staten Island, U.S.A. 

(10) Else Bunsen, born 21st February, 1866. 

(11) Emma Bunsen, born 2nd July, 1867. 

(8b) Lucy Birkbeck, born 19th December, 1830; living unmarried. 

(9b) Elizabeth Birkbeck, born 15th July, 1834, and died at Keswick, Norfolk, 14th 

December, 1836. 

Gurney of Keswick and North Repps. 93 

( 2a) Jane Birkbeck (only daughter of John and Martha Birkbeck, see page 89), born at 
Lynn Regis 1879, ix. 21, died loth June, 1822, hvaing married at Lynn, loth September, 
1 81 7, as I St wife, to Joseph John Gurney,* of Earlham Hall, Norfolk, banker (son of 
John and Catherine Gurney, of Norwich). He was born 1788, viii. 2, and died 4th January, 
1847, having had a son and a daughter : 

(l)John Henry Gurney, of North Repps Hall, Norwich, J.P., M.P. King's 
Lynn, 1854-65; born at Earlham 4th July, 18 19; married in London, June, 1846, 
Mary, daughter of Richard Hanbury Gurney. She was born in London December, 
1829, and died 19th October, 1872, having had 2 sons: 

(1) John Henry Gurney, of Keswick Hall, Norwich, born at Easton 31st 
July, 1848; married, 25th October, 1876, Margaret Jane, 2nd daughter of 
Henry Edmund Gurney, Esq. of Nutwood, Surrey (see page 91), and has a son 
and 3 daughters : 

(1) Gerard Hudson, born at St. Leonards 29th April, 1880. 

(2) Agatha, born 9th September, 1881. 

(3) Cecily Jane, born 5th March, 1884. 

(4) Margaret Editha, born 23rd April, 1885. 

(2) Richard Hanbury Joseph Gurney, of North Repps Hall, Norwich, born at 
Catton 17th March, 1855; married, 25th August, 1881, Sarah Evelyn, 4th 
daughter of Sir Edward North Buxton, Bart., and has 2 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Quinton Edward Gurney, born 20th February, 1883. 

(2) Christopher. 

(3) Rachel, born ist May, 1886. 

(4) Richenda. 

(2) Anna Gurney, born at Earlham 21st December, 1820; died at Palermo 17th 
January, 1848, having married at Norwich, 8th November, 1843 (? loth November, 
1842), to John Church Backhouse, son of John Backhouse and his wife Eliza Church, 
He was born 3rd August, 181 1, and died loth November, 1858, having had a son 
and a daughter : 

(1 ) John Henry Backhouse, born at Darlington 22nd October, 1844, and died 
20th July, 1869. 

(2) Eliza Jane Backhouse, born 23rd March, 1847, and died at Pisa 26th 
November, 1847. 

♦Joseph John Gurney married 2ndly, i8th July, 1827, Mary, daughter of Robert Fowler (see page 67); 
and 3rdly, at Darlington, 21st October, 1841, Eliza Paul, daughter of Joseph Kirkbride, of Philadelphia , she died 
8th November, 1881. 

94 Birkbeck of Mallerstang and Settle, 

JOHN BIRKBECK, of Settle (son of William and Sarah Birkbeck, see page 80), 
born at Settle 1722, xii. 16, died there 1761, vi. 20, aged 39; married at Ke|^dal> 
1748, i. 6, Sarah, daughter of John and Deborah Wilson (see page 21). She was 
born at Kendal, 1727, iii. 8, and died at Settle 1773, v. 9, having had 5 sons and2 daughters : 

(1) John Birkbeck, of whom see below. 

(2) Joseph Birkbeck, born at Settle 1752, ii. 12, and died 1820, xi. 23, aged 68, unjj»arried. 

(3) Wilson Birkbeck, of Nicholas Lane, London, ironfounder, born at Settle 1754, ii. i5j died 
at Stamford Hill 2nd June, 1812, having married ist, 1782, ix. 17, Hannah, daughter of 
Robert and Hannah Plumstead. She was born in London 1 758, i. 30, and d'^d there 
1 79 1, xii. 7, aged 34, leaving an only son (Robert Plumstead Birkbeck, bort^ in London 
1783, vi. 16, and died ist September, 1801). Wilson Birkbeck married 2ndly, in London, 
1 6th December, 1801, Grizzle, daughter of Samuel and Grizzle Hoare. She was born at 
Stoke Newington 1757, xii. 24, and died 15th July, 1835, having re-married at Hammer- 
smith, on 14th March, 1827, to William Allen, F.R.S., F L.S., and of Londpn, chemist, a 
trustee for the Queen under the will of the Duke of Kent ; he died s.p. at Lindfield, Sussex, 
30th December, 1843. 

(4) Benjamin Birkbeck, of Allerton BywatSr (near Leeds), miller, and afterwards of Settle, 
merchant, born at Settle 1757, vii. 15, and died 27th September, 1819, aged 62; having 
married at Leeds, 1784, viii. i, Jane, daughter of Nathaniel English ; she was born 1758, 
X. 19, and died 1793, i. 20, aged 34, having had 3 sons and a daughter, born at Settle: 

(1) Nathaniel Birkbeck, born 1786, xi. i, died ist September, 1834, unmarried. 

(2) John English Birkbeck, born 1788, vii. 23, died 1789, iii. 12. 

(3) Edward Birkbeck, born 1790, ix. 2, died 1814, iv. 15, unmarried. 

(4) Jane Birkbeck, born 1789, v. 10, died 1789, v. 11. 

(5) Edward Birkbeck, born at Settle 1759, vii. 5, and died 1769, xi. 28. 

(6) Deborah Birkbeck, born at Settle 1756, ii. 28, died unmarried. . 

(7) Sarah Birkbeck, born at Settle 1761, x. 11, died at Plymouth 30th October, 1833, 
aged 72 ; having married at Settle, 1799, ii. 14, to Francis, son of Francis and Sarah Fox, 
of Plymouth, He was born 1765, xi. 14, and died i8th September, 181 2, having had a 
son and a daughter : 

(1) Francis William Fox, born at Plymouth 6th December, 1803, and died 25th 
April, 1804. 

(2) Sarah Fox, died loth April, 1883, having married 6th April, 1825, to William 
Dillworth Crewdson, of Kendal, who died s.p, 2nd November, 1878 (see page 118). 

JOHN BIRKBECK of Settle, banker (named above), born at Settle 1749, 
xi. 22, died there 25th June, 1810, having married at Lancaster, 1779, i. 12, Mary, 
daughter of William and Esther Dillworth. Sh6 was born at Lancaster 1753, iii- ii> 
and died 7th April, 1830, aged ^T, having had 3 sons and 4 daughters: 

Birkbeck of Anley, 95 

(1) Dillworth Birkbeck, born at Settle 1780, vii. 11, and died 1780, viii. 7. 

(2) John Birkbeck, of Anley, Settle, banker, born at Settle 1781, vii. 12, died there 27th 
July, 1844; having married at Ayrton, nth May, 181 5, Margaret, daughter of John and 
Elizabeth Ion, of Broadmire, in Dent. She was born in Dent 1790, iv. 24, and died at 
Qiggleswick 17th June, 1865, aged 75, having had 2 sons and 5 daughters: 

(1) John Birkbeck, of Anley, Yorks., J, P. West Riding, and of Settle, banker, born 
there 6th July, 1817, died 31st July, 1890, having married at Halifax, 9th June, 1841, 
Lydia, daughter of Robert Stansfeld, of Field House, Sowerby, Halifax ; she died 6th 
September, 1886, having had 3 sons and a daughter : 

(1) John Birkbeck, of Anley, Settle, J. P. Yorks. West Riding, born at Settle 
1st July, 1842, and married there, 3rd October, 1867, Rachel Wilhelmina, daughter 
of George Stansfeld, of Ashfield, Settle (see page 86). She was born at Settle 
7th December, 1839, and has 3 sons and a daughter, all born at Settle: 

(1) John Birkbeck, born 8th March, 1872. 

(2) Victor John Birkbeck, born 27th July, 1873. 

(3) Hylbert John Birkbeck, born 5th September, 1879. 

(4) Mary Inez Birkbeck, born at Settle 13th September, 1870. 

(2) Robert Stansfeld Birkbeck, Major 3rd (Militia) Battalion, and Captain 3rd 
(Volunteer) Battalion of the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment, born 
at Giggleswick 28th August, 1846, died in York Infantry Barracks i ith July, 1882. 

(3) George Birkbeck, born at Giggleswick 28th August, 1846, died 4th 
November following. 

(4) Lydia Margaret Birkbeck,, born at Settle 8th July, 1844, died 28th 
November following. 

,2) Joseph Birkbeck, of Langcliffe, Bournemouth, born at Settle 9th June, 1830; 
married, 28th August, 1856, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of late Thomas Lewis 
Mackesy, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S., J. P., of Waterford, and of Dunkitt, Co. Kilkenny, 
and has three sons and a daughter : 

(1) Vincent Mackesy Birkbeck, Captain Royal Scots, born at Settle 26th June, 


(2) John Lewis Birkbeck, born at Settle 25th April, 1859, and died at George 

Town, Demerara, 7th May, 1881. , 

(3) William Henry Birkbeck, Lieut. King's Dragoon Guards, born at Settle 
8th April, 1863. 

(4) Edith Margaret Birkbeck, born at Settle 27th November, i860; married at 
Bournemouth, 21st September, 1886, to Francis John Royds Bentley, eldest son 
of John Bentley, of Birch House, Co. Lane, J. P. and D.L., and has a daughter : 

Rhoda Margaret Bentley, born 20th April, 1889. 
(3) Mary Birkbeck, born at Settle 29th February, 1816, and died 7th July following. 

9 6 Stansfeld — Porter — Pier son — Bulkeley. 

(4) Elizabeth Birkbeck, born at Settle 5th April, 1819, and died at Coniston Co., 
9th February, 1861 ; having married at Giggleswick, 5th December, 1843, as ist 
wife, to Rev. John Stansfeld, Vicar of Coniston Cold, Yorkshire (youngest son of 
Robert Stansfeld, of Field House aforesaid); he died 21st November, 1880; having 
had I son and 2 daughters, born at Anley, Settle : 

(1) John Birkbeck Evelyn Stansfeld, M.A. fr. University Coll., Oxford, 1874, 
Rector of Preston, Rutland, 1884-9, and of Downham, Brentwood, Essex, 1889 ; 
born 27th November, 1846; married 13th July, 1875, Agnes Mary, daughter 
of William Salmon Barrenger, and has a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) John Raymond Evelyn Stansfeld, born 20th April, 1880. 

(2) Marion Elizabeth Stansfeld, born 21st May, 1876. 

(3) Frances Evelyn, born 1 6th, September, 1877. 

(2) Amy Margaret Stansfeld, born 6th January, 1849. 

(3) Frances Elizabeth Stansfeld, born 28th October, 1851 ; married, 12th 
September, 1883, to Rev. Alfred Stephenson Porter, M.A. fr. Sidney Sussex 
Coll., Camh., 1867, Vicar of Claines, Co. Worcester, 1883, and has 2 sons: 

(1) Harry Michael Stansfeld Porter, born 29th September, 1884. 

(2) John Stansfeld Porter, born i8th January, 1888. 

(5) Sarah Birkbeck, born at Settle nth November, 182 1, and died 3rd May, 1829. 

(6) Margaret Birkbeck, born at Settle 27th June, 1825, and died at Settle 27th 
February, 1871, having married there, 30th May, 1850, to the Rev. William 
Frederic Pierson, Perpetual Curate of Settle (son of Joseph Margetts Pierson, of 
Hitchin). He was born at Hitchin 17th July, 1821, and died at Settle i8th 
August, 1883, having had — with 2 daughters who died in infancy — 3 sons and a 
daughter, all born at Settle : 

(1) William Birkbeck Pierson, M.A. fr. Trinity Coll., Camb., 1881, Vicar of 
S. Barnabas, Crewe, 1889; born 26th March, 1856 ;■ married, 27th December, 
1883, Sarah Maria, 4th daughter of Isaac Wilson, Esq., M.P., of Nunthorpe 
Hall, Yofks. (see page 16), and has a son and a daughter: 

(1) Arthur Birkbeck Pierson, born 25th April, 1887. 

(2) Margaret Ion Pierson, born 5th May, 1889. 

(2) John Ernest Pierson, Captain Royal Sussex Regiment (35th), born 13th 
August, 1858. 

(3) Alfred Graeme Pierson, born 7th March, 1862. 

(4) Lucy Margaret Pierson, born nth April, 1851 ; married, 14th October, 1874 
to Henry John Bulkeley (3rd son of George Thomas Bulkeley, late Captain 2nd 
Life Guards), Vicar of Lanercost, Cumberland, 1879, Rector of Morpeth 1890, 
and has 5 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Bernard William Langford Bulkeley, born 15th December, 1876. 

Wood — Christopher son — Nevins. 97 

(2) John Pierson Bulkeley, born 17th January, 1879. 

(3) Llewelyn Alfred Henry Bulkeley, born 29th May, I'&So. 

(4) Gilbert Bulkeley, born loth December, 1&82. 

(5) Henry Ion Bulkeley, born i8th February, 1884. 

(6) Margaret Mary Bulkeley, born 30th October, 1875. 

(7) Kathleen Rosalind Birkbeck Bulkeley, born 6th July, 1886. 

(7) Sarah Mary Birkbeck, born at Settle 9th December, 1834; married there 15th 
June, 1865, to Rev. Matthew Wood (son of James Burton Wood, of Woodhall, 
Wensleydale), M.A. fr. St. Catharine College, Cambridge, 1858 ; Vicar of Evesham 
1865-72, and of Kington with Huntington, Co. Hereford, 1879, until his death, 21st 
June, 1889; he had 3 sons and a daughter: 

(1) Walter Birkbeck Wood, born at Hampton 15th April, 1866. 

(2) Arthur Wensley Wood, born at Evesham 8th September, 1867. 

(3) George Ronald Wood, born at Evesham nth March, 1869. 

(4) Hilda Margaret Ion Wood, born at Evesham 27th October, 1870. 

(3) Dillworth Birkbeck, born at Settle 1789, i. 26, and died 1794, v. 15. 

(4) Esther Birkbeck, born at Settle 17183, ix. 7; died at Lancaster 15th June, 1844 
having married at Giggleswick, Yorkshire, 26th February, 1824, to Joseph, son of David 
and Esther Dockray, of Lancaster; he was born 2nd September, 1781, and died 22nd 
September, 1855, leaving an only daughter: 

Mary Elizabeth Dockray, born at Lancaster 14th November, 1825 ; married at 
Giggleswick, Yorkshire, 13th October, 1847, to Rev. Arthur Christopherson, M.A. 
fr. St. John's Coll., Camb., 1839, Vicar of Caton, Lancashire, 1852-76 (son of Thomas 
and Mary Christopherson) ; he was born at Colton, Lancashire^ 22 nd February, 

1 8 13. 

(5) Mary Birkbeck, born at Settle 1785, viii. 31, and died 1786, ii. 7. 

(^) Jiannah Birkbeck^ born at Settle 1788, i. 13, and died at Clevedale, Downend, 
Gloucester, 21st March, 1863 ; having married at Airton, i8th December, 1810, to John 
Jowitt Nevins (son of Pirn and Elizabeth Nevins); he was born at Leeds 1786, v. 7, 
and died at Wilton, near Ross, Co. Hereford, 29th May, 1870, having had 5 sons arid 7 
daughters (see page 1 74). 
(7) Sarah Birkbeck, born at Settle 1793, ix. 20, died 1794, iv. 22. 

i^taitft^aite nf mentraL 

eeorge Braithwaite possessed land at Field Head, in the parish of Hawks- 
head, Lancashire, which he sold before 1617. He is presumed to be identical 
with George Braithwaite who married Agnes Braithwaite, at Hawkshead Parish 
Church, 2 1st May, 1650. Be that as it may, he was father of 2 sons : 
( 1 ) GEORGE.BRAITHWAITE,. of High Wray, in the parish of Hawkshead aforesaid 
in 1 701, at which date he purchased property in Kendal; married toth June, 1680, 
Anne Kirby ; she died 26th September, 1721, leaving a son : 

George, of whom presently. 
(2) John (son of George, of Field Head), styled of Hawkshead Hill and Keen Ground in 
1 70 1, married 17th April, 1690, Agnes, daughter of Edward Rigge, of High Wray, 
Co. Lane ; she was born there 6th April, 1665, and had a son and 3 daughters. 

/> EORGE BRAITHWAITE, of Kendalj 1711, having succeeded to his father's pro- 
\nr perty in that place, buried there 24th August, 1746; he married ist, after 26th 
Marchj 1708, Sarah, daughter of Joseph Barnes, junior, said to be of Killington 
and Stangerthwaite ; she was born and July, 1689, and buried 8th July, 1722. He 
married 2 ndly, 13th June, 1734, Abigail Harrison; she was buried 15th July, 1759, s./>. 
By his I St wife he had a son and 3 daughters : 

( 1 ) George, of whom presently. 

(2) Agnes Braithwaite, born 1708, x. 17, died unmarried, 1762, ii. 11. 

(3) Lydia Braithwaife, born 171 7, v. 28, buried 30th July, 1769; niarried 2nd May, 1744, 
as I St wife to James Wilson, of Kendal, and had a son and daughter (see page 22). 

(4) Rachel Braithwaite, born 1719, v. 10, buried 1719, x. 4. 

/-VEORGE BRAITHWAITE, of Kendal, born there 1 714, xii. 26, and died there 
inf 1 8th September, 1753, made his will 9th September, 1753, proved at Lancaster 
27th August, 1756; married at Darlington 12th August, 1744, Alice, youngest 
daughter of Thomas Forster, of Hawthorne, Co. Durham (by his wife, Sarah, daughter 
of Michael Hornsby, of Witton Gilbert, Co. Durham*); she died 29th -October, 1755, 
made her will i8th October, 1755, proved at York ist September, 1758, and had 3 sons 
and 2 daughters : 

* The compiler of this work descends from this marriage, and quit? half of those named in these pages 
derive from the marriage of Alice Foster, or Forster, with this George Braithwaite. 

Birkbeck of Kendal, 99 

(1) Georgb BraithwaiTe, of whom presently. 

(2) Thonjas Braithwaite, born at Kendal 17th November, 1748, buried there in 1754. 

(3) Foster Braithwaite, born at Kendal 13th November, 1752, died young. 

(4) Sarj^h Braithwaite, married to William Birkbeck, of Settle (see page 85), 

(5) Ruth Braithwaite, born at Kendal 20th July, 1751, died in infancy. 

ryeORGE braithwaite, of Kendal, born there 29th March^ 1746, and died 
Inr there 5th January, 1812; married at Kendal 13th May, 1767, Deborah, daughter 
of Isaac and Rachel Wilson, of Kendal (see page 9); she was born 13th February, 
1743, and died nth September, 182 1, having had 2 sons and 5 daughters : 
(J) George Braithwaite, born at Kendal ist December, 1777, died there 23rd November, 
f-853; married at Birmingham 19th March, 1806, Mary, daughter of Charles Lloyd, of 
that place (by his wife, Mary Farmer, seepage 198); she was born there ist June, 1784, 
a;nd died at Kendal 22nd November, 1822, having had 6 sons and 3 daughters : [1810, 

(1) George Braithwaite, born at Kendal 27th August, 1808, and died 27th February, 

(2) George Braithwaite, born at Kendal 21st July, 1810, and died there 22nd May, 
1865, unmarried. 

(3) Thomas Braithwaite, born at Parkside, Kendal, ist May, 1816. 

(4) Samuel Braithwaite (twin with James), born at Kendal, 25th April, 1820, died at 
Bradford, 7th March, 1870 ; married at Leeds, 3rd March, 1858, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Robert and Elizabeth Hattersley, of Leeds; she was born 9th April, 1826, and 
had 3 sons born at Bradford: [1885. 

(1) George Henry Braithwaite, born 9th April, 1859, lost at sea 17th February, 

(2) Robert William Braithwaite, born 7th May, 1863, died i8th January, 1882. 

(3) Alfred Lloyd Braithwaite, born 8th November, 1864. 

(5) James Braithwaite (twin with Samuel), born at Kendal 25th April, 1820 ; married 
at Otley 25th July, i860, Ann, daughter of Andrew and Alice McLandsborough. 
She was born at Otley 27th November, 1824, and has 3 daughters: 

(1) Mary Braithwaite, born at Shipley 15th July, 1861. 

(2) Alice Braithwaite, born at Bradford 28th March, 1864. 

' '(3) RachqJ Lloyd Braithwaite, born at Bradford 5th March, 1866. 

(6) Gurney Braithwaite, born at Parkside 25th June, 181 8, died 27th April, 1819. 

(7) Mary Braithwaite, born at Kendal 28th February, 1807, died at Plymouth i8th 
April, 1833; married at Kendal 8th March, 1830, as ist wife, to Charles Hingston, 
M.D. (son of Joseph and Catherine Phillips Hingston); he was born at Dodbrook, 
Devon, 27th April, 1805, and died 5th September, 1872, having had 2 daughters by 
this marriage : 

(1) Mary Anna Hingston^ born at Plymouth 31st December, 1830, and died at 
Stafford 26th February, 1870, unmarried. . 

100 Braithwaite of Hookfield Grove^ Surrey. 

(2) Georgina Braithwaite Hingston, born at Plymouth 21st January, 1833, died 
1 2th October, 1854. 

(8) Deborah Braithwaite, bom at Parkside 14th August, 1812, died 17th April, 1835. 

(9) Alice Braithwaite, born at Parkside i8th July, 18 14; married at Kendal 28th 
June, 1855, to Mark Batt, son of William Batt, of Maidenhead, born there 5th March, 

(2) Isaac Braithwaite, of whom presently. C^^^S- 

(3) Rachel Braithwaitfe, ma,rried to Samuel Lloyd, of Birmingham (see page 193). 

(4) Alice Braithwaite, born at Kendal 17th January, 1770, died young. 

(5) Sarah Braithwaite, born at Kendal 30th January, 1772, died young. 

(6) Deborah. Braithwaite, married to William Dillworth Crewdson, of Kendal (see 
page 118). 

(7) Dorothy Braithwaite, married to Robert Benson, of Parkside, Kendal (see page 107). 

ISAAC BRAITHWAITE, of Kendal, born there 3rd January, 1781, and died there 
27th December, 1861 ; married at Birmingham i6th March, 1808, Anna, daughter 
of Charles Lloyd (by his wife, Mary Farmer, see page 198); she was born at 
Birmingham 27th December, 1788, and died at Kendal i8th Deceniber, 1859, aged 71, 
having had 7 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Isaac Braithwaite, of Hookfield Grove, Epsom, partner in Foster and Braithwaite, 
of London, Stockbrokers (a twin with Charles), born at Kendal 6th July, 18 10, and died at 
Hastings 26th January, 1890; married loth March, 1840, Louisa, daughter of John 
Masterman, Esq., of Leyton, Essex, banker, D.C.L., Oxon, 1848, M.P. City of London, 
1841-57; she died 22nd December, 1886, having had 5 sons and 4 daughters: 

(1) Alfred Braithwaite, born 21st Nov., 1843, died unmarried i8th June, 1880. 

(2) Basil Braithwaite, of Hookfield Grove, Surrey, born nth February, 1845 
married 17th July, 1872, Rosamond Augusta, daughter of Augustus William Gadsden 
Esq., of Ewell tastle, Surrey, by his wife Emma, daughter of John Barkworth, Esq., 
of Tranby House, Yorkshire. 

(3) John Masterman Braithwaite, B.A. fr. Trin. Coll., Camb., 1868, M.A. 1872 • 
Vicar of Croydon, 1882-9, and of St. Michael and All Angels, Maidstone, 1878-82 • 
born 27th March, 1846, and died 28th June, 1889; married at Charlton, Kent, nth 
October, 1871, Elizabeth Jane, daughter of late Colonel Sidney Thomas Powell, C.B., 
53 rd Regiment, and has 5 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) John Sidney Braithwaite, born 17th September, 1874. 

(2) Francis Powell Braithwaite, born 2nd November, 1875. 

(3) Richard Wilfred Braithwaite, born 6th February, 1877. 

(4) Lawrence Walter Braithwaite, born i8th July, 1878. 

(5) Michael Lloyd Braithwaite, born 27th April, 188 1. 

(6) Florence Lilian Braithwaite, born gth March^ 1873. 

Braithwaite af Kendal. lot 

(7) Dorothy Louisa Braithwaite, born 24th January, 1884. 

(4) Reginald Braithwaite, born i8th July, 1847, died s.p., 20th April, 1885; married 
22nd June, 1876, Adelaide Catherine Anne, 2nd daughter of Rev. George Vaughan 
Chichester, M.A,, Rector of Wotton,. Surrey, niece of William, ist Lord O'Neil. 

(5) Walter Braithwaite, B.A. fr. Wadham College, Oxon, 1869, admitted to the Inner 
Temple 7th July, 1868; born 23rd September, 1848, died s.p. 8th February, 1872 ; 
married 14th June, 1871, Elizabeth Emily, only daughter of William Singleton Birch, 
Esq., of Kersal Edge, Manchester; she re-married 26th April, 1877, to Edward, 
youngest son of late John Martin, Esq., of St. Austell, Cornwall. 

(6) Louisa Braithwaiite, married 27th June, 1868, to Thomas Barkworth, Esq., of 
West Hatch, Essex, J. P. Co. Glamorgan (youngest son of John Barkworth, Esq., of 
Tranby, Yorks.), and has 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) John Raymond Barkworth, Lieutenant Royal Engineers, born 17th June, 

(2) Alfred Montgomery Barkworth, born i6th July, 1873. [1869 

(3) Harold Braithwaite Barkworth, born 7th November, 1878. 

(4) Louisa Maud Barkworth, bom 13th April, 1871. 

(5) Gwenddolen Edith Georgiana. Barkworth, born 26th October, 1876. 

(7) Eliza Braithwaite, died 31st August, 1884. 

(8) Florence Braithwaite. (9) Adeline Braithwaite. 

(2) Charles Lloyd Braithwaite (twin with Isaac), born 6th July, 1810, died in infancy. 

(3) Charles Lloyd Braithwaite, of Ghyll Close, Kendal, born loth December, 181 1; 
married, 3rd July, 1838, Susanna, daughter of Isaac Wilson, of Kendal (seepage 16). 
and has 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Charles Lloyd Braithwaite, of Kendal, born 24th March, 1840; married 8th 
July, 1875, Eleanor Hannah, daughter of Samuel Davis, of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

(2) Isaac Braithwaite, of Kendal, born 9th August, 1844 ; married at Baltimore, 
U.S.A., 14th October, 1890, Mary Snowdon, only daughter of late Dr. Richard 
Henry Thomas, of Baltimore, and sister of Dr. Thomas (see page 103), 

(3) Anna Mary, born 25th January, 1850; married 2nd May, 1877, to her 2nd 
cousin, Thomas Crewdson, 2nd son of William Wilson, of Kendal (see page 18), 
and has 3 sons and a daughter: 

(1) Charles Braithwaite Wilson, bom 20th March, 1878. 

(2) William Ernest Wilson, born 25th June, 1880. 

(3) Harold Crewdson Wilson, bom 26th January, 1885. 

(4) Kathleen Mary Wilson, born 5th December, 1882. 

(4) George Foster Braithwaite, of Hawesmead, Kendal, J.P.Westmorland and borough 
of Kendal, and 6 times Mayor; born i6th August, 1813, died 20th February, 1888 
having married, 23rd June, 1846, Mary, youngest daughter of Adey Bellamy Savory, 
Esq., of London, and had 9 sons and 5 daughters, all born at Kendal : 

102 Bfaithwaite of Kendal, 

(1) George Foster Braithwaite, of Kendal, born 5th October, 1847; married 5th 
August, 1875, Mary Agnes, daughter of Roger Mpser, Esq., of Kendal (see page 
48); she died 31st December, 1876, having had a daughter: 

(1) Agnes Braithwaite, born 21st Decegiber, 1876, died i6th February, 1877. 

(2) Arthur Lloyd Braithwaite, born 22nd Deqember, 1848, died at Sydney, N.S.W. 
24th April, 1868. 

(3) Albert Braithwaite, born loth May, 1851, died 19th November, 1866. 

(4) Paul James Braithwaite, born 13th May, 1854, died 2nd November, i8$6. 

(5) Edward Martin Braithwaite, born 17th August, 1858. 

(6) Ernest Braithwaite, born 2nd May, died 9th September, 1861. 

. (7) Cecil Braithwaite, a partner in Foster and Braithwaite, Stockbrokers, born nth 
September, 1862; married, 6th October, 1886, Annette Frances Mills, eldest 
daughter of Arthur Evershed, of Hampstead, and has 2 sons : 

(1) Arthur Cecil Braithwaite, born 8th August, 1887. 

(2) Godfrey Gawen, born 24th August, 1890, 

(8) Herbert Morris Braithwaite, M.A. fr. University College, Oxon., in H.O., born 
15th April, 1864. 

(9) Harold Bellamy Braithwaite, born 20th November, 1867. 

(10) Mary Savory Braithwaite, born 24th January, 1850; married, 7th November, 
1877, to Rev. Charles Boutflower, M.A. fr. Corpus Christi Coll., Camb,, 1870, Vicar 
of Terling, Essex, since 1876, and has 2 sons and a daughter: 

(1) Charles Boutflower, born 3rd November, 1878. 

(2) Herbert Campbell Boutflower, born 29th October, 1884. 

(3) Margaret Braithwaite Boutflower, born 8th December, 1879. 

(11) Olivia Braithwaite, born 22nd December, 1852, died 26th April, 1862. 

(12) Caroline Braithwaite, born 14th August, 1855; married, 9th September, 1879, to 
David Page, M.D. Edin., who died 20th Feb., 1890, leaving a son and 3 daughters*: 

(1) George Foster Braithwaite Page, born at Lune Cliff, Lancaster, xst 
December, 1889. 

(2) Mary Caroline Anngella Page, born at Kendal 20th June, 1881. 

(3) Sybil Dorothea Page, born at Kendal 31st January, 1883. 

(4) Olivia Braithwaite Grisel Page, born at Lancaster 27th May, 1884. 

(13) Emma Braithwaite, born 15th January, 1857 ; married i6th September, 1886, 
to Alfred Bickersteth, son of Dr. Cook, of Hampstead, and has had 2 sons : 

(1) Arthur Bickersteth Cook, born 30th June, 1887, died 27th October, 1888. 

(2) John Braithwaite Cook, born 28th March, 1890. 

(14) Priscilla Anna Braithwaite, born 17th December, 1859; married, 29th August 
1883, to Rev. William Tyndale HoUins, M.A. fr. Hertford Coll., Oxon., 1882, Rector 
of St. Peter, Bristol, since 1882, and has 4 sons: 

Braithwaite ^f London, 103 

(1) Tyndale Braithwaite Hollins, born 15th August, 1884. 

(2) Claude James Hollins, born 3rd August, 1885. 

(3) Douglas Foster Hollins, born 31st July, 1887. 

(4) Andrew Duncan Hollins, born 26th November, 1889. 

(5) Thomas Braithwaite, born in February, 18 15, died young. 

(6) Robert Braithwaite, Vicar of Chipping Camden, Co. Gloucester, 1873-82 ; born 24th 
July, 1 8 16, died 21st January, 1882; married 9th April, 1844, Charlotte, daughter of 
John Masterman, Esq., of Leyton, Essex, banker, D.C.L. Oxon. 1848,. M.P. City of 
London 1841-57 ; she died i6th October, 1889, having had a son and 2 daughters: 

(1) Robert Braithwaite,- Barrister-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1 871, born 23rd December, 
1845 ; married, s.p. 

(2) Charlotte Braithwaite, born 6th June, 1847, died 4th April, 1848. 

(3) Anna Braithwaite, born nth March, 1851 ; married 21st September, 1880, to 
Robert Ley Wood, Esq., of Cheltenham, formerly of Llanelly (2nd son of James 
Wood, Esq., of Rateliffe Culey, co. Leic), and has 3 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Robert Braithwaite Wood, born 9th December, 1882. 

(2) James Ley Masterman Wood, born 26th January, 1884. 

(3) John Percival Wood, born 12th March, 1889. 

(4) Charlotte Anna Braithwaite Wood, born 29th October, 1881. 

(5) Elizabeth Margaret Wood, born 20th April, 1886. 

(6) Sarella Mary Mackenzie Wood, born 5th July, 1887. 

(7) Joseph Bevan Braithwaite (a twin with Mary Caroline), Vice-President of the Bible 
Society, Barrister-at-law, Middle Temple, 1843; born 21st June, 18 18; married, 27th 
August, 1 85 1, Martha, daughter of Joseph Ashby Gillett, Esq., of Banbury, banker, and 
has 3 sons and 6 daughters : 

(1) Joseph Bevan Braithwaite, a partner in Foster and Braithwaite, stockbrokers, 
born 5th October, 1855; married 27th July, 1 881, Anna Sophia, only daughter of 
Jonathan Gillett, of Banbury, banker, and has 4 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Jonathan Frederick Braithwaite, born 9th August, 1883. 

(2) John Bevan Braithwaite, born 22nd November, 1884. 

(3) Alfred Lloyd Braithwaite, born 5th October, 1886. 

(4) Harold Wilson Braithwaite, born nth August, 1890. 

(5) Dorothy Anna Braithwaite, born 17th April, 1889. 

(2) George Braithwaite, Agent of the British and Foreign Bible Society, Tokio, 
Japan, born 5th March, 1861. 

(3) William Charles Braithwa,ite, B.A., LL.B. London, Barrister-at-law, Lineoln^s 
Inn, 1887, born 23rd December, 1862. 

(4) Martha Braithwaite, born 26th March 1853; married 14th April, 1886, to 
George Samuel Baker, of London, engineer, and has 2 sons and a daughter : 

1 04 Thomas-t-Whitney — Emmoit — Savory. 

(1) George Ralph Baker, born 9th August, 1888. 

(2) Bevan Braithwaite Baker, born loth May, 1890. 

(3) Sarah Martha Baker, born 14th June, 1887. 

(5) Anna Lloyd Braithwaite, born 6th August, 1854; married 28th March, 1878, to 
Richard Henry Thomas, of Baltimore, M.D., and has a daughter: 

Henrietta Martha Thomas, born 24th May, 1879. 

(6) Mary Caroline Braithwaite, born 4th April, 1857 ; married, 29th December, 1885, 
to Willis Norton Whitney, M.D., a member of U.S. Legation at Tokio, Japan, and 
has had 3 sons : 

(1) Willis Bevan Whitney, born 21st March, 1888. 

(2) John Norton Whitney, born 19th March, 1889. 

(3) Isaac Braithwaite Whitney, a twin with John, died 21st February, 1890. 

(7) Elizabeth Braithwaite, born 24th July, 1858; married 24th August, 1881, to 
George Henry Emmott, M.A., LL.B., Barrister-at-law, Inner Temple, 1879, 
Professor of Logic and Jurisprudence at John Hopkins University, Baltimore^ 
U.S.A., and has 2 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) John Bevan Emmott, born ist January, 1885. 

(2) John Barlow Emmott, born 9th August, 1888. 

(3) Mary King Emmott, born 22nd October, 1882. 

(4) Hannah Elizabeth Emmott, born 30th December, 1883. 

(8) Rachel Barclay Braithwaite, born 20th November, 1859. 

(9) Catharine Lydia Braithwaite, born 30th August, 1864. 

(8) Anna Braithwaite, born 3bth May, 1809, died unmarried, 31st January, t86o. 

(9) Mary Caroline Braithwaite (twin with Joseph Bevan), born 21st June, 181 8, died 
7th January, 1877, having married 26th October, 1841, to Joseph Savory, Esq., of Buck- 
hurst Park, Berks. ; he died i6th December, 1879, having had 5 sons and 3 daughters: 

(1) Joseph Savory, of Buckhurst Park, Berks., J. P., Alderman of the City of London, 
1883, Sheriff of London and Middlesex, 1882-3, Lord Mayor 1 890-1; born 23rd 
July, 1843 ; married 26th July, 1888, Helen Pemberton, only daughter of Lieutenant- 
Colonel G. A. Leach, R.E., C.B. 

(2) Ernest Lloyd Savory, Rector of Palgrave, Suffolk, since 1879; and chaplain 
to his brother, the Lord Mayor of London, 1 890-1 ; born i8th March, 1845; married 
ist, 28th June, 1871, Eliza Ann, daughter of late Rev. Paul Johnson, Rector of 
Sidestrand, 1832-74, and of Overstrand (both Norfolk), 1841-72; she died 23rd 
October, 1874, having had 3 daughters : 

(1) Evelyn May Savory, born 14th April, 1872. 

(2) Dorothy Lloyd Savory, born ist August, 1873. 

(3) Alice Braithwaite Savory, born 2nd October, 1874. 

Rev. Ernest Lloyd Savory married 2ndly, 2nd November, 1876, Gertrude, 2nd 

Savory of Sunningdale, Berks. 105 

daughter of Arthur J. Arrowsmith, Esq., of London and High Beech, Essex, and has 
4 sons and 4 daughters : 

(4) Ernest Braithwaite Savory, born 5th September, 1877. 

(5) Douglas Lloyd Savory, born 17th August, 1878. 

(6) Hubert Dolobran Savory, born 20th September, 1883. 

(7) Donald Stuart Savory, born 23rd January, 1885. 

(8) Winifred Gertrude Savory, born i6th September, 1879. 

(9) Mary Caroline Savory, born i6th April, 1881. 

(10) Evangeline Bolingbroke Savory, born 17th June, 1882, 

(11) Edith Margaret Hester Savory, born 2nd July, 1887. 

(3) Arnold Wordsworth Savory, M-A. fr. Wadham Coll., Oxon., 1886, Vicar of 
Worlaby, co. Line, 1883, County Councillor Lindsey Division of Lincolnshire ; born 
26th May, 1850; married 5th January, 1875, Eliza Robertson, youngest daughter of 
late Alexander Lawson, Esq., of Poole, Dorset, and has a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Arnold Kenneth Malcolm Cecil Wordsworth Savory, born 24th July, 1882, 

(2) Islay Mabel Laura Wordsworth Savory, born 6th November, 1875. 

(3) Evelyn Violet Wordsworth Savory, born 26th July, 1878. 

(4) Ethelbert Keston Savory, born 5th March, 1852; married 17th April, 1878, 
Eliza, 2nd daughter of late Edward Lisney, of Dorking. 

(5) Ronald Herbert Savory, a partner in Foster and Braithwaite, Stockbrokers, born 
28th June, 1856; married 2nd December, 1879, John Alicia Maria, daughter of John 
Berry Torry, of Sunningdale, Berks., and has 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Ronald Herbert Savory, born 8th October, 1880. 

(2) Rudolph Claude Savory, bori;i ist November, 1884. 

(3) Alicia Eva Theresa Savory, born 4th March, 1882. 

(6) Mary Caroline Savory, born 22nd August, 1842; married 12th July, 1883, to 
John Loudoun Strain, of Buxton, Derbyshire. 

(7) Anna Braithwaite Savory, born 29th October, 1846; married 20th June, 1876,10 
Rev, John Henry Johnson, B.A., from Caius College, Camb., 1863, Rector of 
Brocklesby, co. Line, since 1879, and has 2 sons and a daughter: 

(1) Herbert Braithwaite Johnson, born 1 6th August, 1877. 

(2) John de Monins Johnson, born 17th May, 1882. 

(3) Anna Maude Johnson, born a9th October, 1879. 

(8) Mary Savory, married 20th June, 1882, as 4th wife to Sir George J. Elvey, 
Organist, Chapel Royal, Windsor, 1835-82, and to the Queen, 1837-82., Mus. Bac, 
New Coll., Oxon., 1838, Mus. Doc, 1840, and has a son: 

George Frederick Handel Elvey, born 29th June, 1883. 

iSenson of ^tang lEnlr^ 

JOHN BENSON, of Wray, in Grasmere (son of John Benson, who married at 
Hawkshead, 2nd July, 1570, Margaret, daughter of George Sandys, Esq., of 
Graythwaite, brother of Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York), was father of : 

TTTHOMAS BENSON, of Stang End and Skelwith, born December, 1607, buried in 

X Grasmere Church 31st March, ; married at Hawkshead, 15th October, 1635, 

Elizabeth Sawrey (ist wife) ; she died i6th November, 1636, leaving an only son : 

eEORGE BENSON, of Stang End, who joined the Society of Friends; born 14th 
August, 1636, and died 19th October, 1712 ; married 12th July, 1663, Margaret, 
daughter and heir of James Braithwaite, of Croft Head, Colthouse, parish of 
Hawkshead; she died ist June, 1725, having had a son and a daughter: 

( 1 ) John Benson, of Stang End and Brown Bridge End (2nd son)> born 29th December, 
1668, and died 15th July, 1737; married ist, nth December, 1691, Isabella, daughter 
of Edward Forrest, of Tockhow; she died 27th March, 171 2, leaving a son: 

George, of whom presently. 

(2) Dorothy, born at Stang End, 17 ii,, 1678, and died 23 v., 1755, married to Anthony 
Wilson, of High Wray (see page i), 

SEORGE BENSON, of Stang End and Hawkshead (2nd son), born February^ 
1699, died 13 viii., 1761 ; married i6th September, 1729, Abigail, only daughter 
and heir of William Braithwaite, of Elterwater (by his wife, Mary Dixon, of 
Langdale); she died 6 vi., 1758, having had 6 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) John Benson, born at Stang End, 7 v., 1730, died 3 x., 1757. 

(2) George Benson, of whom presently. 

(3) William Benson, married twice (see page 108). 

(4) Thomas Benson, born i i., 1738-9, died 29 v., 1766, 

(5) James Benson, born 27 ii., 1741, died 25 ix., 1758. 

(6) Robert Benson, married Sarah Rathbone (see page ni). 

(7) Elizabeth Benson, born 7 vi., 1743, died 20 viii., 1758. 

(8) Abigail Benson, born 26 vi., 1746, died 4 ix., 1761. 

Benson of Kendal. 107 

GEORGE BENSON, of Kendal, born at Stang End, 14 ix., 1732, and died i8th 
May, 1 801 ; married at Kendal, 6 iii., 1769, Deborah, daughter of Roger Wake- 
field (by his 2nd wife, Mary Wilson, see page 207) ; she was born at Kendal, 6 vi., 
1742, and died there 25th November, 1806, having had 6 sons and a daughter : 

(1) George Benson, born 21 iii., 1770^^ and died about 1802. 

(2) Roger Benson, born 28 iii., 1771, and died unmarried 5th February, 1808. 

(3) John Benson, born 16 x., 1773, and died unmarried 3rd November, 1804. 

(4) William Benson, born 8 ix., 1776, and died unmarried 22nd March, 1805. 

(5) Thomas Benson, born 18 v., 1778, and died unmarried 3rd November, 1801. 
(6)' RoBEiiT Benson, of whom presently. 

(7) Mary Benson, born 23 iv., 1783, and died 30th September, 1803. 

I^xOBERT BENSON, of Kendal, born there 6 ii., 1780, and died at Parkside 17th 

1^ February, 1857 ; married at Kendal, 13th October, 1807, Dorothy, daughter of 

V, George Braithwaite, and his wife, Deborah Wilson (see page 100) ; she was born 

at Kendal 2nd September, 1783, and died at Parkside 24th September, 1861, aged 78, 

having had 3 sons and 7 daughters : 

(1) George Benson, of Stalybridge, born at Kendal 12th October, 1809, died 9th January, 
1880; married at Manchester loth March, 1841, Susannah, eldest daughter of Joseph 
Crewdson, of Manchester (and his wife, Rachel Jowitt, see page 129). She was born at 
Manchester 5th September, 1816, and died at Birch Vale House, Romiley, Cheshire, 
9th August, 1869, having had 2 sons and 5 daughters, all born at Stalybridge : 

(1) George Henry Benson, of High Barnet, Herts., born 2nd September, 1842; 
married at Cheltenham, 20th September, 1886, Sarah Orton, 3rd daughter of James 
and Elizabeth Wood, of Ratcliffe ; she was born 25th January, 1854, and has a 
daughter : — Dorothy Benson Benson, born at High Barnet 23rd August, 1887. 

(2) Joseph Crewdson Benson, of Denver College, U.S., born 2nd August, 1854; 
married at Denver, 8th November, 1882, E. Constance, 4th daughter of Dr. Edward 
Williams, of Virginia; she was born 28th December, 1858, and has 2 sons : 

(1) George Edward Benson, born 6th October, 1883. 

(2) Robert Crewdson Benson, born 13th January, 1885. 

(3) Rachel Mary Benson, born 7th July, 1844, died at Fairfield, near Manchester, 
22nd September, 1876. 

(4) Anna Dora Benson, born 9th August, 1846. 

(5) Susanna Benson, born 28th July, 1848. 

(6) Edith Benson, born 24th December, 1850, and died 15th April, 1866. 

(7) Amy Roberta Benson, born 8th November, 1856; married 6th July, 1881, to 
William Edward, 2nd son of Thomas Mann, of Prince Edward's Island, Canada ; he 
was born 27th September, 1851. 

io8 Benson of Canada. 

(2) Robert Braithwaite Benson, born at Kendal ist April, 1817, ; married at Wilton, 
near Hawick, 7th November, 1855, Eleanor Seymour, daughter of David and Janet 
Stewart, of Stirling; she was born at Stirling 17th August, 181 9,' and died 8th January, 
1872, having had a son and 2 daughters: 

(1) Robert Seymour Benson, born at Greenfield, Yorkshire, 19th October, 1858. 

(2) Janet Dorothea Benson, born at Stalybridge 7th December, 1856. 

(3) Eleanora/Katharine Benson, born at Greenfield 30th Decembei;, i860. 

(3) William Thomas Benson, emigrated to Canada 14th July, 1858, and became a 
Member of the. Dominion Parliament; born at Parkside, near Kendal, 20th April, 1824, 
died at Cardinal, Ontario, 8th June, 1885; married at St. John's Church, Manchester, 
loth July, 1858, Helen Wilson; she was born at Acton Grange, Cheshire, 26th March, 
1826, and had 3 sons and a daughter, all born in Canada : 

(1) Robert Benson, born 20th December, 1859, died next day. 

(2) William Theodore Benson, born 20th November, 1861, died July, 1863. 

(3) George Frederick Benson, of Edwardsburg,, Ontario, Canada, born 12th 
December, 1864. 

(4) Helen Dorothea Benson,, born 12th January, 1867; married January, 1889, 
to Charles Hope, of Montreal, Canada. 

(4) Deborah Benson, born at Kendal 1 5th July, 1 808, died ij;i infancy. 

(5) Mary Benson,, born at Kendal 19th June, 181 1, died i8th May, 1829. 

(6) Deborah Benson, married to John Jowitt (see page 187). 

(7) Rachel Benson, married to Robert Crewdson (see page 129). 

(8) Sarah Benson, born at Parkside i8th May, 1819; married 30th June, 1864, to James 
Harrison, of Torleigh, St. Mary Church, Torquay. 

(9) Anna Dorothy Benson, married to Isaac Wilson (see page 15). 

(10) Maria Benson, bom at Parkside 5th March, 1827, died 12th July, 1836. 

<^ /¥ ILLIAM BENSON (son of George and Abigail Benson (see page 106), born 

ill at Stang End, 1735, v. 10, died loth J,uly, 1800; married ist 31 iii., 1762, 

L Agnes, daughter of Barnard and Ann Benson, by whom he had an only 

daughter, Abigail, who died 12 vi., 1766; he married 2ndly, at Swarthmoor, 28 i., 

1 771, Sarah, daughter of Williani and Hannah Salthouse ; and had 5 sons and a daughter : 

(1) George Benson, born 21 iii., 1772, died 10 viii.j 1772. 

(2) William Benson, born 5 ii., 1776; died 25 viii., 1776. 

(3) William Benson, of Ulverston, born 21 vii., 1777, died 22nd March, 1835; married at 
Skipton, 1 8th June, 181 1, Mary, daughter of Joseph Smith, lord of the Manor of Adding- 
ham, Yorks. She was born 21, iii. 1783, and had 4 sons and 3 daughters: 

(1) William Benson, of Manchester, Solicitor, born at Ulverston 8th January, 18 14,, 
died 26th February, 1849; married 25th February, 1847, Caroline, daughter of 

Benson of Australia and Tork. 109 

Arthur Arch (by his wife, Mary Binyon), she died 24th January, 1883, leaving a son: 
William Benson, of Melbourne, born in Manchester 9th January, 1848 ; married 
26th February, 1885, Emma Elizabeth Mather, and has a son and daughter. 

(1) William Noel Benson, born 26th December, 1885. 

(2) Anna Dorothea Benson, born 1887. 

(2) Joseph Benson, born 14th April, 1819, died 24th November, 1831. 

(3) Richard Smith Benson, of Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia, born at Ulverston,, 
xst July, 182 1 ; married 25th March, 1847, Eliza Jane, daughter of Thomas Reid, of 
Broken River, Port Phillip, Australia, and has had 2 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Richard Benson, of Abbotsford, born 7th December, 1850; married 20th 
July, 1874, Mary Murdoch, of Melbourne, and has 3 sons and 3 daughters: 

(1) Richard William Benson, born 2nd August, 1875. 

(2) John Joseph, born 5th July, 1877. 

(3) George Courtenay, born 4th February, 1886. 

(4) Minnie May, born 31st January, 1880. 

(5) Elsie Maud, born 22nd November, 1883. 

(6) Hannah Eveline Ruby, born 4th September, 1889. 

(2) William Benson, born ist July, 1853, married 14th August, 1877, Elizabeth 
Helen, of Footscray, Victoria, and has had 5 sons and 2 daughters: 

(1) Frederic Robert Benson, born i8th March, 1880. 

(2) William Thomas, born 26th December, 1881. 

(3) George, born 7th October, 1885. 

(4) Richard Smith, born 9th February, 1888. 

(5) Robert Ernest, born 30th May, and died 26th July, 1890. 

(6) Alice Maud, born 6th January, 1878. 

(7) Florence, born 21st September, 1883. 

(3) Josephine Benson, born 22nd December, 1847; married 27th February, 
1869, to George Gibbons, of Elcho, near Lara, Victoria. 

(4) Mary Benson, born 3rd January, 1856, died 3rd December, 1888. 

(4) George Benson, of Skeldergate, York, born at Ulverston i6th September, 1823 ; 
married 17th April, 1856, Sarah Ellis, daughter of William and Sarah Baker, of 
Thirsk, and has had 5 sons and a daughter : 

(1) William Benson, born 27th October, 1857. 

(2) George Frederick Benson, born 6th September, 1859; married at York ist 
September, 1886, Gertrude Mary, daughter of Powler, and has 3 children. 

(3) Joseph Henry Benson, born 23rd November, 1861 ; married at Sheffield, 
2nd February, 1887, Emily Theresa, daughter of Graburn. 

(4) Richard Edwin Benson, born nth August, 1863, died 19th December, 1868.. 

(5) John Ellis Benson, born 29th August, 1865. 

no Benson of Australia. 

(6) Henrietta Benson, born 12th May, 1869. 

(5) Mary Benson, born 25th June, 1812, died 22nd February, 1813. 

(6) Sarah Benson, born 3rd August, 181 5, living 1890. 

(7) Hannah Benson, born 20th February, 181 7; married ist, i6th July, 1846, to 
James Harrison King, of York, who died 7th October, 1855. She re-married 14th 
April, 1859, to William Brady, of York, who died 20th September following. 

(4) Robert Benson, of Preston, Co. Lane, born 20th October, 1779, died 3rd February, 
1864; married at Skipton, nth October, 1803, Jane, daughter of William Davis, of 
Skipton; she died i6th December, 1852, having had 7 sons and 2 daughters, all born 
a,t Preston : 

(1) William Benson, of Bury, Co. Lane, born 14th October, 1804, and died 30th 
June, 1844; married ist, Harriet, daughter of Rev. Matthew Robinson, Incumbent 
of Rainford, Co. Lane. He married 2ndly, Mary, daughter of James Chadwick, of 
Bury. By his ist wife he had 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

( 1 ) Robert Robinson Benson, of Australia', born 14th May, 1830, died September, 
1886; married ist, 1852, Isabella, daughter of Thomas Manson; she died 2nd 
March, 1871, having had 3 sons and 6 daughters, all born in Australia. 

(1) Thomas Benson, of Wannambool, Victoria, Australia, born 1854. 

(2) Robert Benson, of Wannambool, born i860. 

(3) William Benson, born 1865. 

(4) Harriet Benson, born and died 1853. 

(5) Jane Benson, born 1856. 

(6) Elizabeth Benson, born 1858. 

(7) Harriet Benson, born 1862. 

(8) Agnes Mary Benson, born 1867, died young. 

(9) Ruth Benson, born 1869, died young. 

(2) William Benson, of Sale, near Manchester, born i8th October, 1834; 
married July, 1871, Eliza, daughter of Richard Thornhill, and has a son and 
3 daughters ; 

(1) William Benson, born 20th April, 1872. 

(2) Jane Benson, born 28th November, 1873. 

(3) Elizabeth Benson, born 5th November, 1875. 

(4) Isabella Benson, born 24th February, 1878. 

(3) George Benson, born 15th July, 1836, died 6th June, 1869; married in 
1862, Harriet Nash, (now in a convent), and had an only son George, died 

(4) Elizabeth Benson, born 20th November, 1828; married 27th April, 1853, 
to Thomas Atherton, of Manchester, and has had a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Arthur Alexander Atherton, born in Alexandria 5th March, 1864. 


Benson of London and Liverpool. 1 1 1 

(2) Margaret Beatrice Atherton, born in Alexandria 21st August, i860. 

(3) Lilian Dorothea Atherton, born at Bowdon 21st November, 1866, died 
23rd February, 1867. 

(5) Jane Benson, born 15th August, 1832; married i6th August, i860, to 
William Brockbank, of Manchester, and has 3 sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) Herbert William Brockbank, born 23rd October, 1861 ; married 22nd 
January, 1887, Frances Susan Chapman, who died in December, 1887, 
leaving a daughter Marjorie Frances, born 9th December, 1887. 

(2) Edwin Benson Brockbank, born 9th June, 1864, died 29th December, 

(3) Oliver Brockbank, born 9th January, 1871. 

(4) Elizabeth Harriet Brockbank, born 23rd November, 1862. 

(5) Isabella Maud Brockbank, born 25th November, 1865 ; married 28th 
March, 1888, to Thomas Harris, of Manchester, and has a daughter: 

Christine Isabel Harris, born i6th June, 1889. 

(6) Helena Jane Brockbank, born ist February, 1867. 

(7) Mary Ellwood Brockbank, born 5th May, 1869. 

(2) Robert Benson, of Preston, born 21st May, 1807, died 2nd July, 1887 ; married 
3rd May, 1836, Isabella, daughter of Thomas and Rachel Bewley, of Woodhall, 
Cumberland; she died 25th February, 1888, having had a daughter: 

Sarah Jane Benson, born 30th April, 1837, died 13th August following. 

(3) Richard Benson, born loth December, 1810, died 6th April, 1822. 

(4) Thomas Benson, born 14th January, 1814, died 24th June, 1835. 

(5) George Benson, in United States, born 15th August, 1826; married Alice 
Lund, who died s.p. in September, 1870. 

(6) Davis Benson, born 17th July, 1820; married at Southampton, 30th December, 
1859, Jane, daughter of George Edmondson, of Queenwood, Hants; she was born 
at Okta, St. Petersburg, 14th June, 1823, and has 2 sons and a daughter: 

(1) Davis Edmondson Benson, born at Manchester i6th December, i860; 
married loth October, 1889, Florence, daughter of Nathaniel Dodd. 

(2) Robert Benson, of Akassa, Niger Territories, West Africa, born at Bowdon 
1 6th January, 1865. 

(3) Margaret Jane Benson, born at Manchester 14th November, 1862. 

(7) John Benson, born 9th April, 1826, died 6th December, 1827. 

(8) Sarah Benson, born nth January, 1818, died 29th June, 1835. 

(9) Margaret Benson, born 8th April, 1823, died i8th November, 1830. 
OBERT BENSON, of Liverpool (son of George and Abigail Benson, see page 

107), born at Stang End 15 iv., 1749, and died ist November, 1802; married 
23rd May, 1 781, Sarah, daughter of William and Rachel Rathbone, of Liverpool. 

112 Benson of London. 

(see page 72). She died 29th October, 1827, having had, with other issue, a son and 
3 daughters: 

(1) Robert Benson, of London and Liverpool, merchant, born in 1872, died 
20th June, 1846; married at Yealand, 4th March, 1812, Mary, daughter of David 
Dockray, of Lancaster; she died 7th July, 1824, having had 2 sons and 3 
daughters : 

(1) Robert Benson, of London, merchant, born 14th July, 1814, died 12th January, 
1875; married 28th April, 1847, Eleanor Sara, daughter of Admiral Constantine 
Richard Moorsom, R.N. (and his wife, Mary Maude), who was son of Sir 
Robert Moorsom, K.C.B., M.P., Admiral of the Blue (who bore the great banner 
at Nelson's funeral); she died 15th February, 1883, having had 2 sons and a 
daughter : 

( 1 ) Robert Henry Benson, of 16, South Street, Park Lane, born 24th September. 
1850; married 7th July, 1887, Evelyn, 2nd daughter of Robert Stayner Holford, 
of Dorchester House, Park Lane, and of Weston Birt, Co. Glouc. (by his 
wife, Mary Anne Lindsay), and has 2 sons : 

(1) Guy Holford Benson, born 23rd May, 1888. 

(2) Reginald Lindsay Benson, born 20th August, 1889. 

(2) Constantine William Benson, born 26th April, 1852 ; married ist July, 
1880, Emily Margaret, 2nd daughter- of late Rev. George Frederick Weston, 
Vicar of Crosby Ravensworth, and Hon. Canon of Carlisle (see page 208). 

(3) Mary Constance Maude Benson, married 15th November, 1883, to Rev. 
Edwyn Hoskyns, M.A., Rector of St. Dunstan, Stepney, 1886 (4th son of Rev. 
Sir John Leigh Hoskyns, Bart.), and has a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Edwyn Clement Hoskyns, born 9th August, 1884. 

(2) Phyllis. 

(3) Evelyn. 

(2) William Benson, of Langtons, Alresford, Hants, J. P., born 3rd August, 1816, 
died 1st February, 1887; married 9th December, 1852, Elizabeth Soulsby, daughter 
of Thomas Smith, Esq., of Colebrooke Park, Tunbridge, and has 4 sons and 2 
daughters : 

(1) William Arthur Smith Benson, of 39, Montagu Square, W., born 17th 
October, 1854; married 26th October, 1886, Venetia Margaret, daughter of 
Alfred Wm. Hunt, Esq., R.W.S. 

(2) Cecil Foster Benson, of Ufford Hall, Co. Line, born 29th September,- 1857 ; 
married 15th February, 1881, Con-stance Mary, elder daughter of G. Bernard 
O'Neill, Esq., of London, and has 2 sons : 

(1) Hugh Cecil Benson, born 3rd July, 1883. 

(2) Ralph Francis Benson, born in Iowa, U.S.A., 15th August, 1885. 

Drummond, Sumner, Dockray and Binyon. 113 

(3) Francis Robert Benson, of 8, Kensington Court Mansions, born 4th 
November, 1858 ; married 24th July, 1886, Gertrude Constance Cockburn, only 
daughter of late Capt. Morshead Samwell, of 48th Regiment, and has a son and 
daughter : 

(1) Eric William Benson, born at Alresford, Hants., 8th May, 1887. 

(2) Brynhild Lucy Benson, born at Ealing 30th August, 1888. 

(4) Godfrey Rathbone Benson, born 6th November, 1864. 

(5) Margaret Elizabeth Benson, married 2nd October, 1879, to Algernon 
Heneage Drummond, Capt. Rifle Brigade (V. Strathallan), of Maltman's 
Green, Gerrard's Cross, Slough, and has 5 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Algernon Cecil Heneage Drummond, born 20th August, 1880. 

(2) Spencer Heneage Drummond, born 12th August, 1884. 

(3) Geoffrey Heneage Drummond, born 25th January, 1886. 

(4) Jocelyn Heneage Drummond, born 4th August, 1888. 

(5) Frederick Boyd Heneage Drummond, born 15th February, 1890. 

(6) Barbara Drummond, born 28th September, 1881. 

(7) Isobel Drummond, born i6th July, 1887. 

(6) Agnes Mary Benson, married 12th September, 1883, to George Heywood 
Maunoir Sumner, Esq. (only son of George Henry Sumner, D.D., Bishop of 
Guildford), and has a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Michael George Sumner, born ist June, 1885. 

(2) Dorothea Margaret Sumner, born 27th November, 1886. 

(3) Beatrix Mary Sumner, born 2nd September, 1888. 

(3) John Dockray Benson, born 21st June, 1824, died young. 

(4) Sarah Benson, born 4th January, 1813, died loth February, 181 7. 

(5) Esther Mary Benson, born 30th March, 1822, died 21st August, 1867. 

(2) Rachel Benson. 

(3) Margaret Benson, born at Liverpool nth September, 1787. 

(4) Abigail Benson, died at Liverpool 24th December, 1842 ; married there, 29th August, 
1805 to David, son of David and Esther Dockray ; he died at Liverpool 24th November, 
1853, having had 6 sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) William Dockray, born ist April, 1808, died unmarried. 

(2) David Dockray, born 3rd March, 18 10, died about 1836. 

(3) Robert Benson Dockray, born 13th November, 181 3, died 8th September, 1871 ; 
mrrried at Birmingham, 15th August, 1838, Mary Caroline, daughter of James 
Pearson, of Birmingham, banker (see page 199); she died 5th February, 1883, aged 
66, having had a son and 4 daughters : 

(1) Robert Henry (Dockray), of Stoke, Headington, Oxon., born 15th May, 
1843; married i6th August, 1886, Sarah Mary Louisa Taylor. 


1 14 Phillips — Dockray. 

(2) Mary, born 4th September, 1839 ; married at Lancaster, 21st June, 1866, to 
Rev. Frederick Binyon, Vicar of Winchcombe, Co. Glouc, 1888, and of 
Burton-in-Lonsdale 1866-74, &c, ; ^-A. Trin. Coll., Camb. (Junr. Opt.), i860, 
M.A. 1863 ; and has had 8 sons and i daughter : 

(1) John Frederick Binyon, born loth June, 1868. 

(2) Robert Laurence, born loth August, 1869. 

(3) Alfred George, born 14th November, 1870, died January, 1871. 

(4) Francis Dockray, born 4th December, 1871. 

(5) Charles Arthur, born 9th March, 1874. 

(6) Edward Reginald, born 13th October, 1875, died 31st August, 1876. 

(7) Herbert, born 24th February, 1877, died the following month. 

(8) Gilbert Clive, born 12th July, 1880. 

(9) Lucy Caroline Winifred, born loth March, 1873, died i8th February 

(3) Agatha Sophia, born nth September, 1840; married 8th October, 1863, to 
Rev. Stephen Phillips, Reader and Chaplain Gray's Inn; Precentor of 
Peterborough Cathedral 1876-88, M.A. Merton Coll., Oxon., 1872, D.D., and 
has had 9 sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) Stephen Phillips, born 28th July, 1864. 

(2) Robert Francis, born nth November, 1865. 

(3) Harold Dockray, born 13th April, 1867. 

(4) Alban Lloyd, born 6th July, 1869. 

(5) Maurice Frederick, born 29th November, 1870. 

(6) James Christopher, born 13th September, 1873. 

(7) Herbert Septimus, born 19th December, 1874, 

(8) Austin Henry, born 14th August, 1877, died young. 

(9) Arthur David, born 28th February, 1882. 

(10) Mary Agatha, born 30th May, 1868, died young. 

(11) Frances Lucy Caroline, born 7th August, 1872, died young. 

(12) Edith Juliet, born 29th June, 1876. 

(13) Margaret Emma, born i8th April, 1879. 

(4) Katharine, born 2nd January, 1842, died i8th June, 1857. 

(5) Caroline Margaret Josephine^ born 4th March, 1856. 

(4) Benjamin Dockray, born 13th January, 181 7, died nth June, 181 7. 

(5) John David Dockray, born 8th February, 1824, died 25th July, 1857; married 
6th March, 1852, Elizabeth, daughter of George Mayne, Esq., of Winslow, Bucks. 
She died 19th June, 1871, leaving a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) John Arthur Dockray, born i8th November, 1856. 

(2) Mary Elizabeth Dockray, born 23rd January, 1853. 

Water home — Woodward. 115 

(3) Margaret Beatrice Dockray, born i6th May, 1854. 

(6) Thomas Dockray, of Canada, born 4th December, 1825, has issue. 

(7) Rachel Benson Dockray, born 7th July, 1 806, died j. /. about 1832; married 
14th November, 1832, to Theodore Waterhouse, M.D., 6th son of Nicholas and 
Ann Waterhouse; he died s.p. 13th March, 1835. 

(8) Sarah Dockray, born 31st May, 1814; married 21st January, 1836, to Rogers 
Waterhouse, of Aigburth, merchant broker, 7th son of Nicholas and Ann Water- 
house, of Liverpool; he died ist January, 1868, having had 2 sons and 4 daughters: 

(1) John Dockray Waterhouse, of Kensington, born at Liverpool 29th May, 
1838 ; married and has one child. 

(2) Charles Henry Waterhouse, M.D., of Vienna, born nth February, 1849; 

(3) Rachel Mary Waterhouse, born at Liverpool 13th January, 1837, died in 

(4) Emily Waterhouse, born 23rd December, 1840, died 9th July, 1877. 

(5) Sarah Maria Waterhouse, born ist November, 1842; unmarried, 

(6) Edith Waterhouse, born at Liverpool 31st August, 1844; married 12th 
June, 1879, to Rev. Herbert Woodward, D.D., Vicar of St. Silas, Toxteth 
Park, Liverpool, 1873, ^'^'^ Hon. Canon of Liverpool, 

(9) Margaret Dockray^ born 30th January, 18 19, died 1880. 

(10) Mary Dockray, born 24th June, 1822, died in 1868.